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From 1960 to 1969

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Camping can be fun especia1ly with our future adult citizens. Our 1960 camping program met the goal beginning with our annul Christmas Party and camping trip to our Scout cabin last December 26 thru the 29th, 1959 and continuing through 1960 having the leadership, teamwork and fellowship among our boys and Leaders, that makes for a good camping Troop. Continuing the camping log our Troop camped at Camp Delmont on January 22 & 23, at Saddleback campsite with thirteen boys. Our next camping trip took us to our Scout cabin on March 25 thru 27 with fifteen boys making the trip, at which time Scouting tests were passed and other camping duties were performed. As Spring rolls around, we head for our District Camporee April 29, 30 and May 1 at Camp Delmont where our Troop competed with other District Troops in Scouting skills and camping procedures, twenty one boys were present. The pre-camporee at our cabin was next, held May 20, 21 and 22. Here the patrols competed against each other, with the Hawk Patrol walking away with the trophy We had 19 boys at the pre-camporee. Since the boys are now through “Spring Training”, they headed for the Pocono Mountains and the Councils largest camp site, Resica Falls Scout Reservation. We had 17 boys and two adult Leaders staying there from July 3 to 9th. Yours truly was fortunate to go along as one of the Leaders and had a most enjoyable time. After Resica Falls, went to Valley Forge for the Jubilee Camporee held July 22 to 24. We had 12 boys going to this great camping event, it was the Jamboree in miniature and our Troop received a Proficient rating for it’s camping effort. August brought us two camping experiences, 9 boys went to the cabin on the 22nd, 23th & 24th and on the 26th, 27th & 28th we headed northwest to Coudersport in Potter County, taking 21 boys along on this trip This trip gave us some real outdoor camping experiences, camping in the mountains living under rugged conditions. To sum this one up, we came though unscathed. After a breather, went to Camp Delmont on October 21, 22 and 23 occupying Staff cabin #5, 8 boys made the trip. On Nov. 19 & 20, 15 boys and 1 Leader headed for the Valley Forge Trail. For our 1960 finale, we spent the weekend of Dec. 3 & 4 at our Scout cabin, we had 15 boys on this trip. This year has been most rewarding and full of adventure, may we spend many more together in true camping fellowship. So again as our year has ended we look to the future of 1961 and more adventures in camping with the Scouts of Troop 108. Troop 108, as in the past, is again in line for the National Camping Award of 1960.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Camping Chairman 
During the Jubilee year of 1960 our advancement grew to swell our ranks of previous years. We took into our fold 11 new Tenderfoot Scouts, 10 Second Class Scouts, 2 First Class Scouts, 2 Star Scouts and 1 Eagle Scout. There were 35 merit badges earned during 1960. It is our hope that in 1961 our advancements will continue to soar and bear good fruits. There were 3 Boards of review held, 3 Courts of Honor, 4 Tenderfoot investure services. The Board of review consists of Mr. Robert Shaner Jr., Chairman, William Kraft, Ernest Marks, Roland Stong, & Ernie Godshall.
Submitted by: Karl Winsch, Advancement Chairman 
The Jubilee Year of 1960 was very prosperous as far as our Troop and Post activities were concerned. Both units were very busy on local, District & Council levels. The Post activities included: Valley Forge Encampment, dance with Pennsburg Post 90 & Upper Perkiomen Girl Scouts for the benefit of Montgomery County Physically Handicapped Children, Goodwill Industries, treasure hunt and dance at the cabin, stock car races at Dorney park, refreshment stand at Scouting Fair, Co-Ed square dance at Pottstown, bowling matches, hayride and dance at the cabin, New Years Eve dance at the local high school. The Troops activities included: Valley Forge Pilgrimage, Goodwill Industries collection, Continental District swim meet, where our Troop placed second in the meet. Stock car races at Dorney Park, baseball at Allentown, inter-Troop baseball games with the Troops in Palm, red Hill, Pennsburg & Sassamanville. Monthly swims at the YMCA in Pottstown, scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, Halloween party at the cabin. Get-out-the-Vote campaign, monthly paper collections, good turn to the merchants of East Greenville at Christmas time. Display booth at the Scouting Fair, we also participated in the Council wide First Aid contest. Also in accordance with the Jubilee Year, our Troop prepared a scrap book which was sent to a Scout Troop in Germany. The Troop completed its ninth straight year for the Four Point Program which is set up by the Valley Forge Council and includes participating in the Jubilee Camporee at Valley Forge, also one of our Scouts, Hector Sampayo Jr. participated in the Jubilee Jamboree at Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are hoping for a bigger and better activities program for the year which lies ahead. 
Submitted by: John Hagenbach, Activities Chairman
In 1960 the annual Friendship Dinner took place in the high school cafeteria when Eugene Cleaver Jr. received the Eagle Rank. Troop Committee interest was reported at low ebb this summer when not enough attended meetings to make them official. Ernie Godshall became the new Troop committee chairman and was to continue for three more years in that capacity. The Troop attended the District Camporee at Camp Delmont in April and at the Jubilee Camporee held at Valley Forge in honor of the 50th year of scouting, the Troop received a proficient rating. Paul Sames, who was to serve the Troop so capably as treasurer for six years (1963-69) took the troop to Resica Falls for summer camp. In December, the Troop sold Christmas trees for the first time at the old legion home, next to the scout hall.
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February was again Friendship Dinner time. It was held in the high school cafeteria and F. Bruce Heimbach received the Eagle Rank. First place was achieved in the annual camporee at Delmont and in May first place was gained in the district swim meet at the Hill School. Scout activities appeared on the upswing since in June the Troop took first place in a physical fitness contest with Brian Duka winning the individual scoring trophy. The father-son trip was again at Coudersport. This summer the Troop received the flag pole from the Perkiomen Post, American Legion Home, and placed it in front of the Scout cabin. On August 20-27, the Troop now under the leadership of Scoutmaster Karl Winsch, and Gerald Schantz, an assistant, camped at Resica Falls.
Donald Cook earned the God and Country Award in Spring of 1962 at Palm Schwenkfelder Church. On May 25-27 the Troop attended Scouting Trails in Action at Valley Forge, maintaining a booth on maps and compasses. Twenty-three Scouts and Scoutmaster Winsch were at Resica Falls July 1-8. In August it was reported only 14 Scouts comprised the Troop, a low point in many years. Troop Committee member Fred Zwoyer and Scoutmaster Winsch instituted a recruitment program which led to the Troop reaching an active membership of 40 to 50 boys each year through 1974. Zwoyer was later to serve quite ably as troop committee Chairman for four years from 1964 through 1967. The annual father-son trip on August 24-26 was taken to Elks Neck State Park in Maryland


Camping has been very fruitful for the past year for Troop 108. We spent lot’s of energy, but it has enabled us to meet our goals to provide a well rounded camping program. Success was possible through fine leadership and teamwork.

 Our Camping Log begins with our annual Christmas Party and camping trip to our cabin on December 28, 29, 30, 1960 and continues on through 1961. Two nights were spent at our cabin on January 27 and 28. On February 18 we motored to Valley Forge Park for the annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage to honor part of our nations heritage. During March 18 and19, as well as April 15 and 16 we spent one night camping at our cabin. For Pre-Camporee exercises we spent two nights camping in tents during May 12, 13 and 14. For the Camporee we journeyed to Camp Delmont on May 26, 27 and 28, we camped two nights in tents there. On June 10 and 11 we again went to Valley Forge for one night camping and to follow the Valley Forge trail. We also camped at our cabin during the days of June 22, 23, 24 and 25. In July we took one of our most rewarding trips to Coudersport in Northwestern Pennsylvania. A three day affair on July 21, 22 and 23 gave the Troop a long motor trip, two nights in tents, long hikes, trail experiences and sights of nature never to forget. Heading eastward, we went to Tuckerton, New Jersey on August 12 and 13 to camp one night under the stars, with the surf as our sounding board.

Also, during August 20 to 27, the Troop took the longest camping event of the year. They spent one week at Resica Falls Scout Reservation in the Pocono Mountains.  Camping there was a real experience and a most enjoyable one to remember. On September 30 we spent one night at our cabin and also on October 28 we spent one night camping as well as holding a Halloween party for the Scouts & Leaders. On November 24 to 26 we went to Resica Falls again for a two night stay in a cabin, another pleasant memory.

Our year has drawn to the conclusion. Of 29 nights of camping, we have these statistics; 14 nights in tents, 14 in cabins, 1 under the stars. Four Scouts had 20 or more nights camping, with Dave Urffer winning the camping award with 25 nights of camping. Bruce Cook had 24, Don Leister 23 and Bruce Marks 20. Eighteen other Scouts had 10 or more nights.

So, with many pleasant memories and experiences of 1961, we again look forward to new Scouting trails in 1962 with the Scouts of Troop 108, East Greenville. To all who make this program possible, we owe our vote of Thanks. 
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Camping Chairman
Progress in our times can only be achieved by hard work and determination to meet a set of goals, as some of our Scouts have to gain an honor of advancement. Throughout the year of 1961 we have gained 14 new Tenderfoot Scouts, 8 new 2nd Class Scouts, 7 new 1st Class Scouts, 1 new Star Scout. In the merit badge class we gave 24 merit badges to Scouts of deserving status. So, again we look forward to bigger gains in 1962 and congratulations to all Scouts for a job well done.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
The past year has been a very prosperous one for the Troop and Explorer Post. In our age of new frontiers, we are fortunate to have been a part of that program. The Post’s activities included: Valley Forge encampment, Goodwill Industries tour, bowling matches, hayrides and dancing at our cabin, journey to Philadelphia for a ice hockey game, roller skating, car washing, camping at our cabin, tour of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, tour of Lehigh University, journey to Coudersport by car, parking cars for the Fourth of July fireworks and picnic. We concluded our activities with our annual Christmas party at our cabin. So we see that Scouting and exploring pay dividends as well as interest in the life of our future adult citizens.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
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In all walks of life we speak of the necessity of teamwork to meet any goal or challenge. The past year’s camping program has provided the opportunity to be part of a team. This program will show how teamwork has paid off. We are proud to be part of this successful team.

We began our program by going to the cabin for the weekend of December 28-30, 1961. A Christmas dinner was enjoyed. January 19-21 we spent another two nights camping at the cabin. On February 17 we went on the Valley Forge Pilgrimage. Camp Delmont received our Troop March 23-25 for two nights of camping. April 14 and 15 we went on the Valley Forge Trail. The trail consisted of 10 miles of hiking around the park, sightseeing and sleeping in tents. April 14-15 we also spent at the cabin. For the Pre-Camporee, we went to our cabin from May 11-13 and slept in tents both nights. May 25-27 we went to Valley Forge for the Camporee. In June we had the nature merit badge hike to Silver Springs in Mill Hill. Also in June 18-19 there was a hike to the cabin for those not taking the merit badge hike. July 1-8 we had seven nights of camping at Resica Falls in the Pocono Mountains. Three boys, Morrison, Rich Leister and Harpel celebrated their birthdays during this week. August 24-26 a Father-n-Son trip was made to Elks Neck, Maryland. Camping and Pioneering merit badges was held at the cabin September 1-2. In September we also made a trip to Tuckerton Beach, NJ. September 28-30 the Fall Round-Up was at the cabin. This was the first camping trip for the newly-formed Senior Patrol (Copperhead Patrol). October 7 the Troop journeyed to the Scouting Museum at New Brunswick, N.J. The drivers were Jerry, Jimmy, Karl and Harold Oberholtzer. October 27-28 we had the annual Halloween Party at the cabin. For a change of pace, a Spook Trail was set up instead of the costume party. Last on the Camping Trail was a stay at Camp Delmont on November 9-11.

Besides a full schedule of camping, we also saw an ice hockey game in Philadelphia and once a month we practiced our swimming at the YMCA in Allentown.

We had a total of 30 nights camping, 15 of these were spent at the cabin, 14 in tents and one was under the stars.

We closed our year of successful camping with a salute to Larry Bender who with 30 complete nights of camping, wins the Camping Award for 1962.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary.

Again a very active year was enjoyed by Troop 108 in the field of advancement. According to records, a total of 101 merit badges and 38 advancements in rank are noted. The following is a break down of advancements: 9 Tenderfoot Scouts, 13 - 2nd Class Scouts, 7 - 1st Class Scouts, 7 Star Scouts, and 2 Life Scouts. The 1962 Board of review (Charles Cook, Charles Morrison, Rolland Stong, John Sterner and Russell Leister) held nine sessions this year.

We are now hoping for another successful year in advancements. So far, in January the Board reviewed 3 boys for the rank of Life. With such a healthy outlook, we are striving for some Eagles during the coming year.
 Submitted by: Gerald Schantz, Assistant Scout Master, Advancement & John Hagenbuch, Chairman of the Board of review.
Post 108 Explorer Program has taken us on many long trips and has provided us with new ideas and knowledge. The activities included: a chaperoned dance at the cabin, a guided tour of the Philadelphia Navy Yard, car washing, Goodwill pick-up, a trip to Resica Falls Explorer Base, Beach Haven N. J., a trip to Thousand  Islands, a trip to Elks Neck State Park Md., basketball league games, a hay ride, Philadelphia Ramblers vs Clinton hockey game at the Philadelphia Arena. With the exception of a chartered bus for the hockey game, all transportation was by car. We wish to thank the drivers and all those who have helped us to have a successful year of Exploring.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
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Today we are more conscious than ever of being physically strong and mentally awake. Through the Scout Camping Program, we have strived in the past year to attain these goals by following report of our camping activities. We may also add, that our basic concept has been Leadership and Teamwork of the finest character and ability, to bring this program of camping to close on another successful year.

Our program started with the Christmas camping trip to the Scout cabin on December 27 to 30, 1962. There were 19 Scouts and 3 Leaders camping 3 nights at the cabin. Also on January 18 to 20, two nights of camping were enjoyed by 17 Scouts and 2 Leaders. On February 23, the Scouts went to Valley Forge Pa. On the annual Pilgrimage there were 19 Scouts and 3 Leaders. The highlight of the day was when everyone participated in President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Hike. The hike was about 10 miles. There were 16 Scouts and 4 Leaders. In March we had the largest group ever to camp 2 nights at the cabin. We had a total of 24 Scouts and 4 leaders for this camping trip.

The pre-camporee at the cabin was next in line from April 12 to 14th for two nights of tent camping by 25 Scouts and 3 Leaders. Then in May  from 17 to 19 the Scout Camporee was held in Pottstown at the Doehler Jarvis parking lot. Two nights of tent camping. Getting along into Summer, 23 Scouts and 2 Leaders made the trip to the Resica falls Scout Reservation from June 30th to July 7th. There were six nights in tents and one under the stars. Also while there a Resica the following personnel were inducted into the Order of the Arrow, Scouts Robert Strong, David Urffer, John Cleaver and Troop Committee Chairman, Ernie Godshall.

Returning from the Pocono Mountains, the Scout journeyed to Tuckerton Beach, N.J. for a stay at Rolland Stong’s Cottage the weekend of August 17th. While there, 15 Scouts and six Leaders camped one night under the stars. From August 30th to September 3rd, the Father-n-Son Camping Trip was made to Coudersport, Pa. by 22 Scouts, 4 Leaders and eight adults. Three nights were spent in tents. Course of events included hiking, swimming, games, movies, ice mine visiting and attending church services in Coudersport.

On September 20 to 22, the Fall Round-Up was held at the cabin. Two nights were spent in the cabin, by 20 Scouts and four Leaders. On October 26 to 27th the Scouts had a Halloween party and camping trip at the cabin for one night of camping by 22 Scouts and 1 Leader.

Also from November 22 to 24th the Scouts had two nights at the cabin. There were 20 Scouts and 2 Leaders present. Final camping trip was at Christmas at the cabin from December 26 to 29th. There were 21 Scouts and 4 Leaders spending 3 nights there and they also had their seventh annual Christmas Dinner there.

Now as a closing reminder of a very successful year, we came to the final conclusion that there were 31 nights of camping achieved with 15 nights at the cabin, 14 in tents and 2 under the stars.

Scouts, Larry Ronder, Bruce Benner, Dave Christmas and Dave Houck had 31 nights perfect attendance. The following Scouts had the longest camping without a miss; Larry Bender, 61 nights, Dave Christmas, 59 nights, Dave Houck 39 nights, Bruce Benner 33 nights, and Fred Zwoyer Jr. 25 nights of straight camping. The top campers in the Troop to date are Robert Stong 82 nights, Ernest Krause 75 nights, Dave Urffer 75 nights, Ronald (Flag) Rodenberger 71 nights and Dave Christmas with 71 nights camping.

Percentage wise are the following Scouts in camping for the Troop, with James Fiorito achieving 95%, Arnold Godahall 92%, Dennis Harpel 91%, Henry Malasky 89% and Fred Zwoyer jr. 89%.

In closing with a year of success, we look forward to 1964 as a new adventure for the Scouts in camping in Troop 108, East Greenville, Pa..
Submitted by: Paul H, Sames, Secretary

The Explorer Program has also included camping interest of travel and adventure, as can be seen by the following events which the Post 108 took part in.

This group went to the Valley Forge Encampment on February 23 –24. There were two explorers and two Leaders represented there who camped one night in a tent. In the month of May from 10th to 12th, the Explorers went to the Explorer Base at Resica Falls. There were 7 Explorers and two Leaders on the trip, which was made by cars. On June 14th to 16th, the explorers motored to Cleaver’s Retreat at Beach Haven in New Jersey. Eight Explorers and Two Leaders and one adult made this camping contingent. The longest distance covered by the explorers was a trip made to Thousands Islands from July 12th to 15th, A total of 11 Explorers and 2 adults made the trip by motor car and a most successful trip was enjoyed by all. To conclude the report the boys camped over at the cabin from December 29th to the 31st. Six explorers and two Leaders were in attendance. So again, we look forward to 1964 with renewed interest and adventure in camping with Explorer Post 108 of East Greenville, Pa.
Submitted by: Paul H, Sames, Secretary
Exploring emphasizes outdoor, social, vocational and service programs. With Post 108 the past year, we may see by the following that this program has been put to use. The Explorer Post attended a special Church Service at the Sacred heart Church in Swedesburg, Pa. on February 10th. The highest honor of any religious award given to any Scout was the Ad Altara Dei Award given to Hector Sampayo.The medal is a bronze cross suspended from a ribbon in Papal and National colors. On March 16th, the Post had a treasure hunt, which ended at the cabin for prizes and refreshments. Also on March 31st, the Post was in attendance with the Scouts at the Ringling Brothers Circus in Philadelphia. In May, the Post was in the Memorial Day parade, with the Scouts since this is a Joint Community parade.
July 25th, the Post had a swimming party at Robert Lope’s Pond, a very cooling activity and one well enjoyed. On August 25th, the Post motored to a place near Hamburg, Pa, for horseback riding, lots of aches after this one.
October 15th, the Post held a Shoot at the East Greenville Gun Club, safety and proper arms handling was the theme of this activity. As a work project, the Post went to the Devon Fair on October 18th to help in the Refreshment stand. On November 9th, the Post held a hayride.
To help pay for some of these expenses, the Post held a Car Wash on January 11th. Also the Post helped on the Christmas Tree project. On January 19th, the Post went bowling at the East Greenville Fire Company lanes. Last were the ice races on February 2nd at the Poconos. So we can see Exploring takes in all phases of life and activities.  
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary  
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 1964 Camping Report

As we are gathered here tonight (annual  Troop fellowship dinner) in true scouting fashion, we will again bring to a close the past years of Scouting with this summary of the camping in the log book of the Boy Scouts of Troop 108 of East Greenville and the Explorer Post of Troop 108. Starting in January, The Troop journeyed to the Hereford Gun Club on Jan. 24-26 for 2 nights of camping in their cabin. 'The Troop was represented by 16 Scouts and 3 Leaders. In honor of George Washington, The Troop in February went to Valley Forge for the annual Pilgrimage on the 22nd and took part in the march and other ceremonies that were part of the day's activities. On January 11 and March 14, the Troop went to Morristown, New Jersey for the Jockey Hollow Trail hiking event. In this group there were 14 Scouts and 5 leaders taking the 17 mile hike. Then in March on the 20 to 22, the Troop went to Camp Delmont to spend two nights in a cabin with 14 Scouts and 2 Leaders. Next came the pre-camporee at the cabin which was held at the cabin on the 17-19 of April. There were 20 Scouts and 3 Leaders present. Then on May 15-17, the Troop was present at the camporee held over at the Doehler-Jarvis lot in Pottstown. The Troop was represented by 18 Scouts and  3 Leaders. Two nights were spent in tents On June the 12-14, two nights were spent in the cabin by 12 Scouts and 2 Leaders. Getting into mid-summer, the Troop went to Tuckerton, New Jersey to Mr. Stong's cottage on July 11- 12 for one night under the stars. There were 15 Scouts and 1 Leader on this trip. Also on July 17-18, the Troop visited the jamboree at Valley Forge. There were 17 Scouts and 4 Leaders taking in the fireworks, swapping talk and exchanging views with other Scout Troops. As the summer rolls on, the big camping event of the year comes up when the Troop is to take a group of Scouts to the Resica Falls Scout Reservation in the Poconos. This event fell at a later date this year which was from August 9-16. In this contingent,  there were 19 Scouts and 3 Leaders spending  6 nights in a tents and 1 night was spent under the stars during the over-nighter. After Resica, comes the most interesting camping event of the year when fathers and sons have a chance to get together for a trip to some far-off place to camp and enjoy Scouting together. So in September, 4-7, there were 11 Scouts and 3 Leaders plus fathers taking a trip to Erie, Penna. and hiking the 17 mile trail from Cambridge Springs to Waterford. The Troop also had the opportunity to go on a boat ride on Lake Erie, toured the city of Erie, drove around Presque Isle state park and made a side trip to Titusville to see the first oil well and derrick in Pennsylvania. A museum at Waterford was also visited which gave the Scouts an historical account of the old Fort that was in this town during the French-Indian wars. In our records, we were well pleased with this year's father and son trip to Erie. Next came the Round-Up at the cabin and the Order of the Arrow at Camp Delmont on September 18-20. Two nights were spent in the cabin by l4 Scouts and 3 Leaders. Camp Delmont was again the scene of activity on October 10-11, as a Conservarama was held for the Scouts. We had 13 Scouts and 3 Leaders spending 1 night in tents. As the end of October nears, the Troop held their annual Halloween party over at the cabin on the 31-1. There were 21 Scouts and 2 Leaders spending one night in the cabin. As the year nears to an end, we close in the month of December by going to the cabin on Dec. 11-13 for 2 nights of camping with 21 Scouts and 3 Leaders. On the 19, there were 6 Scouts and 2 Leaders taking the Jockey Hollow Trail at Morristown, New Jersey. To bring the years events to a conclusion, the Troop held their annual Christmas camping trip to the cabin on Dec. 27-30 for 3 nights camping and they also held their annual party and dinner at this time. Present were 25 Scouts and 2 Leaders. So to summarize, we see there were 30 nights of camping with 14 at the cabin, 14 in tents and 2 under the stars. In hiking, the Troop covered a total of 56 miles. Perfect attendance goes to Bruce Benner, Henry Malasky, Arnold Godshall and Fred Zwoyer, Jr. Bruce Benner now has 63 nights since he had no misses 1 since last year while Zwoyer has 55, Godshall 49 and Malasky 35. Larry Benner had 84 when he left the Troop to go into the Post and there he still continues his perfect record by having 90 nights of camping. To those who have made this a successful year and have given their time and effort to achieve this goal of 1964, we owe out thanks and blessing to them for a job well done. Camping with the Scouts of Troop 108 has been a most rewarding one and a successful 1964 Camping Year.

Submitted by : Paul H. Sames, Secretary


1964 Troop # 108 Advancement Report

A boy's advancement in Scouting is a measurement of the Troop's success in helping him to acquire knowledge and skills, to do his full share in his Troop, home, community and church and to grow in Scouting spirit and ideals. Again, as in the past, Troop # 108 has made gains in the field of advancement, including the Scouting skills trails and the merit badge program. The advancement in the Troop reflects a good all around program and also a panel of skilled trained leaders and junior leaders to provide the leadership to attain these goals for our troop. Troop 108 has achieved twenty-nine merit badges and sixteen advancements in the ranks up the ladder of Scouting to its highest and most coveted rank, that of the rank of Eagle Scout. 
A breakdown of the advancement program is as follows:
Tenderfoot Scouts: (6) Greg Meinzer, David Leiderman, Curt Kuhns, Gilbert Rock, Craig Barnt, Scott Fried.
Second Class: (1) Charles Roth
First Class: (6) Thomas Cressman, Micheal Oberholtzer, Charles Roth, Arnold Godshall, Christopher Meinzer and James Smith, JR.
Star Scout Rank: (1) Bruce Benner
Life Scout Rank: (1) Henry Malasky.
Eagle Scout Rank: (1) Ernest Krause. Eagle Scout Ernest Krause received his recognition last fall at the Scout cabin during the Fall Roundup week-end.
As Chairman of the Board of Review, I again personally want to thank each and everyone of the board of review committee, namely the following men: Charles Cook, Roland Stong, William Kraft, Harold Oberholtzer, Eugene Cressman, Henry Malasky, Sr., Russel Leister, and Earl Benner. These men have given of their time and have personally reviewed each and every Scout along the Scouting Trail and have given encouragement and advice to the Scouts as they presented themselves at the Board of Review. Again thanks to a job well done for the past year of 1964 in the Annuals of Scouting. We are well along the trail again this year with consecutive Eagles in Henry Malasky in the month of January and Robert Stong in the month of February. This is a terrific challenge to the Scouts of Troop 108, East Greenville, Pa. for the coming year of 1965.
             Submitted by: John (Red Cedars) Hagenbuch, Chairman, Board of Review East Greenville Troop 108  
1964 Explorer Post Activities
The past year has been a very successful one for the Explorer Post and the activities program has included the following events such as a car wash and bowling in the month of January. February the Scouts saw an Ice Race at Stillwater Lake in the mountains, Valley Forge Encampment, bowling, dinner and they also took in an ice hockey game in Philadelphia. For the month of March, the Explorers had the opportunity to be present at a swimming event in Pottstown and took first place honors. There was also a bowling event at the East Greenville Fire House. In April, the Post helped out for the Goodwill pick up in the local area. May, the Post held another successful car wash at Mohr's Garage. In June the Post went on a trip down the Delaware River by canoe for a total distance of 41 miles. In July, the Post made a trip by car to the Jamboree at Valley Forge. A swimming party was the big event in August at Dr. Cleaver's residence and in September with the Scout Troop, they went along on the father and son camping trip to Erie, Pa. The Explorers also took the Washington Trail hike and toured Erie, took a boat ride and went to Titusville. In October the Post went to the cabin and also participated in the National Rifle association course at the East Greenville Rod & Gun Club grounds. Then in November, the Post went to Pheasant Land for a roller skating party. Closing the year's events, the Post went to the cabin in December and also went bowling at the East Greenville Fire Co. Lanes. On Christmas, they had their annual Christmas dinner and so brought their year to a very successful closing event. So we can see that Scouting and Exploring have their share of interests and adventure. So come along and share the joys of Scouting and Exploring with Troop 108, of East Greenville, Pa.
            Submitted Paul H. Sames, Secretary
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1965 Troop Activities Report
The past year’s Scouting program has been very successful, due to the great efforts put forth by our Troop Leaders and
Committeemen. We shall now outline a resume of these activities as a reminder of the thrills and adventures which our Troop experienced.
Our camping events began on January 15 to 16 when 12 Scouts and 2 Leaders spent a night camping at the Scout cabin.
February 20th, 20 Scouts and 3 Leaders represented our Troop at the annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage.
Although there were no camping in March, 26 Scouts and 2 Leaders enjoyed another trip to our cabin on April 2 to 4.
Again at the cabin on April 23 to 25 we held our Pre-Camporee in jointure with neighboring Red Hill Troop. On this weekend we had 37 Scouts and 3 Leaders spending 2 nights in tents. Both Troops performed well, and we can look forward to future camping trips with our neighboring Troops.
May 21st to the 23rd was held the Continental District Camporee at the Hickory Park Area Campgrounds
30 Scouts and 3 Leaders slept 2 nights in tents.
On July 4 to 11 Troop108 journeyed to Resica Falls Scout Reservation for a week of camping in tents. The boys took part in training activities and games throughout the week. A contingent of 36 Scouts and 3 Leaders attended this Camp in the Pocono’s. The overnight hike, where the boys slept under the stars and enjoyed swimming in the Bushkill, topped off the week. An Order of the Arrow call-out inducted honor campers into the O.A.
11 Scouts and one Leader took the Valley Forge Trail for a night in tents, from July 31 to Aug.1.
August 14 & 15, 19 Scouts and 3 Leaders were invited to Rolland Strong’s cottage in Tuckerton, New Jersey for 1 night under the stars. Everyone enjoyed the boating, swimming and water skiing activities.
September 3 to 5 we experienced our annual Father & Son camping trip, which was held at New Market, Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. At nearby Elizabeth Furnace in George Washington National Forest Washington the Scouts earned the Historic Trails Award. The trip was highlighted by a tour through Luray Caverns
The Upper Perkiomen Fall Camp-out was held near green Lane, where 26 Scouts and 1 Leader slept in tents for 2 nights.
October 8 & 9 the Continental District held a Junior Leadership Training Program at Delmont Scout Reservation. Scouts trained under the program included Craig Barndt, Crutis Kuhns, Michael Kershner & Frank Reed.
October 30 & 31 a Halloween party was held with 28 Scouts and 1 Leader a night was spent at the cabin
Our final camping trip was at the Scout cabin in Minsi Scout Reservation, the Bethlehem Area Council camp. 14 Scouts 2 leaders & 2 Explorers attended the trip, which concluded a most rewarding year.
Summing up we had 25 nights of camping in 1965, 7 were in cabins, 16 in tents & 2 under the stars. We look forward to a new year of experiences with Troop 108.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary 
We are glad to report that our Post has been active again in the past year. Our program has been most interesting for older boys who wish to participate in the Scouting program.
January 17, the Post began its 1965 program with a bowling tournament at Pottstovrn.
January 22, 23, and 24 the Explorers camped at the Firestone Explorer Base at Resica Falls Scout Camp in the Poconos.
January 29th they traveled to Philadelphia and enjoyed an ice hockey game. They also had a roller skating party at Pheasant Land Park on the 30th.
February 7th, Scout Sunday,  they attended church at the New Goshenhoppen Church.
February 19, 20 and 2lst they paraded in the Valley Forge Pilgrimage. A fund-raising car-wash on the 27th ended their activities for February.
March 6th, the Post again went roller skating. Following a dinner on the 13th they toured the RC Can Company, on the 16th. a swim meet at Hill School ended their March program.
April they picked up the contributions for Goodwill Industries after the Scouts had received the names of donors. A trip to the Scout cabin filled April 9,10, and 11th. This was followed by a hayride on April 24th.
May the Post went miniature golfing and marched in the annual Memorial Day Parade.
June 15th, the Explorers again enjoyed golfing. A group also took a canoe trip on the Delaware River for 25 miles on June 25, 26 and 27th.
July 27th, the Post again visited a miniature golf course.
August 10th, the group held a swimming party at the home of Dr. Cleaver.
The Post journeyed with the Troop to New Market, Virginia for the annual Father and Son camping trip over Labor Day.
September 10, 11 and 12th, the boys had a refreshment stand at the Upper Perkiomen Fall Camp Out at Green Lane on. On September l8th the Post sponsored a bus trip to the New York Worlds Fair.
October, the Explorers held National Rifle Association trials at the East Greenville Gun Club. .
November, the Post held another roller skating party and went to the Scout cabin on the 26, 27 and 28th,
December, as the year ended, the Post finished on the 26th and 27th by going along with the Scouts for a winter camping trip to Camp Minsi. The Post also has had a new patch made and distributed to the Explorers.
So we again have brought a very successful year to a close, and we hope to have many more equally enjoyable years to come in the future. We Thank all those who have helped to make our Program a worthy and rewarding year of 1965 for Post 2108.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
Again as in the past, many boys in the Troop 108 have traveled the Advancement trail. The Unit Leaders and Junior Leaders are to be commended highly for their fine program and activities which lead to successful advancement.
A big “plus” in all ranks appear this year over that of a year ago. The following is a breakdown on all ranks: Beginning with the rank of Tenderfoot, in which the grass roots of the Scouting Trail are laid, we had fifteen, or a plus of nine over that of last year. The greatest strides have been made in the rank of Second Class, there we had a total of
twelve this year compared to only one last year. The Troop showed seven First Class ranks on their rosters, with £our Star Scouts , one Life and two Eagles. These are the two Eagles I mentioned last year in the report, namely Robert Stong and Henry Malasky.
As you may or may not know when a Scout achieves the rank of Eagle, he continues to advance, this time achieving Palms to augment his Eagle badge. We had three Palms recipients this past year, Ernest Krause his Bronze Palm and Robert Stong his Bronze and Gold Palms.
The merit badge program this past year has also been a busy one; for merit badges go to make up the Star, Life & Eagle Ranks. The Scout and the Merit Badges Counselor are involved, again the Counselor being a layman, is the  key to success of the program. I would like to extend at this time a hearty congratulation to these Merit Badge Counselors in our Upper Perkiomen Valley who have given arduous time to help these future citizens.
We held seven Boards of Review this past year; these were held in March, April, May, June, July, October and November. You can see we were busy helping these Scouts along the Scouting Trail.
The men of the Board of Review have given so graciously of there time in order to review each and every Scout in his trek along the Scouting Trail. I would like to extend orchids to the members of the Board, namely, Harold Oberholtzer, Ro1land Stong, Eugene Cressman, Earl Benner, Russell Leister, Charles Cook and Henry Malasky, Sr.
Our Troop is growing steadily, the unit Leaders are extending all their talents in order to keep this Troop program going at a top pace, and with the fruits of their efforts flourishing in this year’s Advancement program, I can see nothing but an even greater year in 1966.
Advancement can only be made possible with the cooperation of all concerned and with such a pleasant relationship with those people our advancement, will continue for years to come.
Submitted by: John “Red Cedars” Hagenbuch, Board of Review Chairman
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1966 Troop Activities Report
Parents, Friends and Troop Committee Men. The following is a conclusive report of another successful year of activities with the Boy Scouts of Troop 108, East Greenville, Pa. Our adventures in camping started on January 14-16, when we journeyed to our cabin for a two night stay with thirty two hardy Scouts. Camping and Scouting skills were practiced. The Scouts worked to further their Scouting advancements and to complete their Merit Badge achievements. On Feb.19, the Scouts took part in the Valley Forge Pilgrimage, 28 Scouts and several of their parents attended this event. The following month, on March 18-20, a trip was made to Camp Nasatin, the Appalachian Trail Council's Camp, 27 Scouts enjoyed two nights of Camping. While at Camp Nasatin, the Scouts hiked ten miles on the Appalachian Trail. The Pre-Camporee activities were held jointly with the Red Hill Troop at our cabin. A total of 34 Scouts spent two nights camping at this time. On April 29 to May 1, the following Scouts attended the Jr. Leadership Training Program at Camp Delmont with an addition two nights of camping: Stanley Bitting, Scott Fried, Brian Bauman, John Di Bartolo and Matthew Rensen, Robert Stong served as one of the leaders of the group. In June, 19-20, we again retreated to our own cabin for a one night stay. Eighteen Scouts were present. Summer again, and the "Big" Camping event of the year approaches, 35 Scouts eagerly journeyed to Resica Falls Scout Reservation in the Pocono Mountains for an exciting week (July 3-10). Karl Winsch and Clyde Clemens, Scoutmaster and Assistant, were the boys' respective Leaders for the entire week. Richard Barndt also spent two nights with the Troop, Saturday night Harold Oberholtzer roughed it with the fellows. A highlight of' the week was the induction of Bruce Benner, John Di Bartolo and Craig Barndt into the Order of The Arrow. Back home again in August, 19-21, we went to Camp Rockwood in Bucks County (which is now a Community Camp). Two nights intents were spent there by nine Scouts. The swimming facilities were excellent. Saturday evening a picnic was enjoyed by the Scouts and several of their families. The annual Father and Son trip on September 2-5 of this year was made to the Thousand Islands by twenty-one Scouts and ten fathers. A tour of the islands by boat was most interesting and pleasant. On October 14-16, we held the Fall Camp-Out at the New Goshenhoppen Park grounds. This event included all the Scouts of the Upper Perkiomen Valley Area. Troop 108 had nineteen Scouts participating. Fifteen Scouts hiked to our cabin on November 25-26 for an overnight stay. Last on our camping program for the year, was another trek to the cabin for two nights. While there, the ten boys enjoyed a Christmas party. The dates for this trip were December 29-31. Summing up our camping program for the year, we find that the Troop as a whole, spent a total of twenty-six days camping. Sixteen nights found the boys in tents, the other ten housed in cabins. Scout Randy Brinkman and Scout Tom Oberholtzer had perfect attendance records in camping. Each holding a total of  26 nights. Craig Barndt, Gerry Clemens and Stan Bit ting had a total of twenty-four nights. The top ten Scouts having the most overall camping points since joining the Troop are: Craig Barndt -52, Scott Fried -46, Randy Brinkman -46, John Di Bartolo -42, Eric Zwoyer -41, Gilbert Rock -39, Stanley Bitting -38, Vince O'Domski -38, Kurt Boehner -36, David Cook -34. So to those who have given us Leadership and assistance in promoting an excellent, well rounded camping program, may we issue a very sincere Thank You.  It is our desire that 1967 will again see Troop 108 of the East Greenville Boy Scouts enjoy the thrills and adventures due them, all in the Spirit of Scouting.
 Submitted by: Paul Sames, Secretary
A boy's advancement in Scouting is a measurement of the Troop's success in helping him to acquire knowledge and , skills, to do his full share in his Troop, home, community and church and to grow in Scouting spirit and ideals. Again, as in the past, Troop 108 has made gains in the field of advancement, including the Scouting skills trails and the merit badge program. The advancement in the Troop reflects a solid all-around program and also fine Lleadership and trained junior Leaders. Troop 108 has achieved thirty-one merit badges and twenty two advancements, in the ranks up the ladder of Scouting to its highest and most coveted rank, that of the rank of Eagle Scout. 
A break down of the advancement program is as follows:                                                                                                                          
Tenderfoot Scouts (6) Matthew Rensen, Rickey Campbell, Brian Bauman, David Underwood, Charles Krause, John Schlicher. 
Second Class (13) Dean Braddock, Thomas Oberholtzer, Donald Roth, Franklin Smith, John Mc Clintock, Garry Clemens, Brian Bauman, James Slack, John Rabe, Carl Simmons, David Cook, Matthew Rensen and John Snyder;
First Class (5) Kurt Boehner, Scott Fried, John Mc Clintock, Eric Zwoyer and Curtis Kuhns;                                               
Star Rank (1) John DiBartolo;                                                                                                                                                                 
Life Rank (1) Frank Reed;                                                                                                                                                          
Bronze Palms (1) Henry Malaskey Jr.;                                                                                                                                                        
Silver Palms (1) Robert Stong. Robert Stong also holds the Gold Quill Award.                                                                          
To make these advancements possible, five boards of review were held through out the year at which time these young  men appeared and were reviewed. The men on the boards of review gave of their time and personally reviewed each and every Scout, giving encouragement and advice to the Scouts. The following men were represented on the boards of review: Mr. Harold Oberholtzer, Mr. Charles Cook, Mr. Henry Malaskey Sr. Mr. Rolland Stong.  Our Troop and Post Committee Chairman Mr. Fred Zwoyer also sat in on one of the reviews. Many Thanks to these dedicated men for doing such a fine job in our Scouting program here at Troop 108. In 1967, as in the past, Troop 108 will strive to have bigger and broader advancement and this goal will be met with the ingredients of fine Leadership, diversified program and above all, good Scout Spirit which Troop 108 possesses. 
Submitted by: John F. Hagenbuch, Chairman Troop #108 Board of Review
The past year Post 108 has put exploring to good use by camping, taking trips and having numerous social functions. The fol1owing is a quick glance at the various activities throughout 1966:
Jan.15: Attended a basketball game.
Feb.13: Attended New Goshenhoppen Church (Scout Week)
Feb. 18, 19 & 20: Participated in The Valley Forge Encampment. Also went bowling on the 20th.
March, 4, 5 & 6: Trip to the Firestone Explorer Base
March 18, 19 &20: Trip to Camp Nisatin
March 26: Aided Goodwill Pick Up.
April 2: Car Wash
April 29, 30 & 31: Trip to the Scout Cabin
May 4: Golfing at a Chip & Putt Course
May 14: Co-Ed Picnic
June 21: Golfing at a Chip & Putt Course
Sept. 2, 3, 4 & 5: Father & Son Trip to The Thousand Islands
September: Hayride
Oct. 7,8 & 9: Fall Camp-Out at New Goshenhoppen Park
Oct. 14 & 15: Devon Scout Fair (Hunting Safety Display )
Oct. 21,22 & 23: Trip to the Scout Cabin
Oct. 26: A shoot at the East Greenville Gun Club
Nov. 5: Roller Skating
Dec. 23: Christmas Dinner at the Cabin
A tremendous Thank You to our able Leaders, generous parents, understanding committeemen, etc., for enabling us to promote such a well rounded program for our Explorer Scouts. It is our hope that through these activities, we have helped to make your son a fun-loving, hard-working, reverend Scout ---one who is clean in thought, word and deed! 
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames,  Secretary
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A very successful year of camping for our Scouts has just been completed and with the New Year here, we shall again strive to achieve our goals in camping skills and adventures. These activities grow in importance when we realize our Scouts will shortly be our Leaders and citizens of tomorrow. The program was the responsibility of competent Leadership and Direction. To these Leaders we give a rousing vote of Thanks.
February 18: To start our camping adventures, we journeyed to the Valley Forge Pilgrimage. We had 23 Scouts and 4 Leaders taking part in the annual hike and ceremonies held in appreciation of General Washington's cold winter encampment during the Revolutionary War.
March 11: the Scouts hiked the Jockey Hollow Trail a distance of 17 miles from Peapack to Morristown, New Jersey. The trail passed through the Schiff Scout Reservation. Taking the trek were 23 Scouts and 6 adults.
April 14 to 16:19 Scouts and 5 adults spent 2 nights in a cabin at Camp Bayshore in the Lebanon County Council Camp. Also in April (21- 23), a Pre-Camporee was held at our cabin. 29 Scouts and 4 Leaders spent two nights in tents. We had the honor of hosting the Red Hill Troop 170 and the Pottstown Troop 99. All the Troops attending practiced Scouting skills and passed their tests or Merit Badges.
May 5 to 7: The Camporee was held at Camp Delmont, with 28 of our Scouts and 4 Leaders attending. Unfortunately, due to an unusual amount of rain, all outdoor activities were cancelled. Instead, the Scouts saw a movie and enjoyed a camp fire in the dining hall. The second night was spent at our Scout cabin. The weekend of May 26- 27 found 28 Scouts and 1 Leader using our cabin again.
July 2- 8: The next big camping trip was to Resica Falls Scout Reservation for a week. The Troop was well represented there with 31 Scouts and 4 Leaders. The Scouts spent 6 nights in tents and went on the over-night hike. The boys also participate in games, sharpened skills and passed merit badges.
July (23- 25), the Scouts went to the Robert Bunnel Farm for a weekend of swimming. Two nights in tents were enjoyed by 21 Scouts and 5 Leaders.
August 25 –27: The annual Father and Son Trip. The trip was made by 26 Scouts and 24 fathers traveling by car and station wagon to Camp Teddy Roosevelt in Maryland. The two nights were spent. in tents. Highlight of the
trip was the 17 mile Lincoln Trail hike in the heart of Washington, DC Along the way the sightseeing included the
Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Ford's Theatre, Peterson Rouse (house where Lincoln died), tour of the White House and finally ending at the Soldiers' Home at Fort Stevens. The Scouts also explored the beaches of. the Chesapeake Bay for ancient sharks teeth. On Sunday, Church was attended by the Troop, camp was broken, cars and wagons loaded for the homeward journey. Efficiency prevailed. The trip was completed without a hitch.
Bob Stong led another weekend of camping and hiking which included the American Legion, New Goshenhoppen Park and Sunday morning church attendance at New Goshenhoppen Church. Two nights were spent in tents by 4 Scouts.
October 21: 23 Scouts and 6 Leaders spent one night in tents at Bayshore for a weekend of canoeing, biking and football.
November 17 -18: Since the Troop has grown so large, the next two weekends of camping were split up in order to allow all the Patrols time at the cabin. The Flying Eagle and Hawk Patrols spent the first weekend of at the cabin. 
November 24- 25: The Cobra and Apache Patrols stayed at the cabin on the second weekend. A total of 26 Scouts and 2 Leaders visited the cabin on these weekends.
The last event of the past year was a camping trip to the East Greenville Gun Club. Vandalism to our cabin prevented the annual Christmas trip from being held there. However, 8 Scouts and 3 Leaders spent 2 nights in the cabin on December 28 -30.
1967 has been a very successful year. May we summarize our achievements by pointing out the following records: Randy Brinkman has 30 nights overall camping with 12 nights of these spent at Camp Delmont for Jr. Leadership Training. For actual Troop camping trips, Gary Clemmens had 23 perfect nights or camping thus capturing first place honors. Second place honors goes to Les Gable with 21 nights of camping. Scott Fried was the only other Scout with 20 or more nights to his credit. 14 other Scouts had between 17 and 19 nights to their credit.
Since entering the Troop, we find that Gary Clemmens now has a total of 26 straight camping nights and Dave Mack -16. For overall Troop camping, we honor Craig Barndt with 70 nights, Scott Fried with 66 nights and John Di Bartolo with 61 nights. Best percentage belongs to Dave Mack with a perfect 100% - 16 for 16. Second place belongs to Gary Clemmens with 51 nights out of a possible 53 for a 96%. Third place is held by Tom Oberholtzer with 46 nights out of a possible 50 for a 92%. Les Gable is in fourth place with a 91% -21 nights out of a possible 23.
We commend these Scouts for their achievements in camping. They will serve as a fine example to the Troop we urge the remainder of “the boys” to do likewise in the coming year.
Scouts, are you looking forward to a bigger and better year? One is awaiting you in 1968 ...come join the fun !
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
A boy's advancement in Scouting is a measurement of the Troop's success in helping him to acquire knowledge and skills, to do his full share in his Troop, home, community and church and to grow in Scouting skills and ideals. Again, as. in the past, Troop 108 has made gains in the field of advancement including the Scouting skills trails and the merit badge program. The advancement in the troop reflects a fine leadership in both adult and junior capacities and a solid all around program. Troop 108 has achieved forty merit badges this past year, a net increase of nine over that of the previous year.
Tenderfoot Investiture Services were accorded Bruce Bavert Leslie Lacbman, Leslie Gabel, Terry Schmoyer, David Mack, Michael Snyder and Jeffery Kline.
The Board of Review had the following Scouts at their boards during the year:
Second Class Rank: Daryl Underwood, Vincent O'Domski, James Rebitz, Dean Krause, Bruce Baver and David Schlicher.
First Class Rank: Gary Clemmens, David Cook, James Slack, Thomas Oberholtzer, Dean Braddock, Stanley Bitting and Vincent O'Domski.
Star Rank: Was achieved by Scott Fried, Randy Brinkman, Gilbert Rock and Craig Barndt
Life: Pinnacle was reached by John Di Bartolo.
It is the hope of the members of the Board of Review that perhaps in the near future, perhaps next year, we again may complete our Advancement cycle with that of an Eagle Scout Recognition.
To make these advancements possible, Six Boards of Review were held with the following Committeemen in attendance: Mr. Charles Cook, Mr. Frederick Boehner, Mr. Richard Barndt, Mr. Henry Malasky, Mr. Gordon Baver and serving as an alternate this year, Mr. Harold Oberholtzer. Again as in the past Orchids and many Thanks to these dedicated men for doing such an outstanding job in our Scouting Program here at Troop 108. These men have again given encouragement to these young men as they appeared at the various reviews, also giving advice to these young Scouts.
In the year 1968 Troop 108 will, as in the past, strive to have bigger and broader advancement and this goal will be met with the ingredient of fine leadership, diversified program and above all good Scout Spirit which Troop 108 possesses.
Submitted by: John F. Hagenbuch, Board of Review Chairman
The program for the Explorer Post this year has again provided ideas that have brought keen interest to the older Scouts of our Troop. IT has also given them more knowledge of the fast moving world activities of our Space Age.
Because of excellent Leadership, our activities have been varied and therefore, interesting. They may be summed up as follows:
January 29: Bowling at the East Greenville Fire Company
February 3,4 & 5: Visit to the Explorer Base in the Pocono Mts.
February 12: Scout Sunday Attended worship services at New Goshenhoppen Church
February 17, 18 & 19: Participated in the Valley Forge Encampment
February 25: Attended a college basket- ball game in Phila.
March 11: Roller skating party at Pheasantland Park
March 18: Goodwill Pick-Up
March 1- April 2: Spent the weekend at the Scout cabin
April 30: Bowling at the East Green- ville Fire Company
May 23: Tour of Berks County Prison in Reading (an excellent commentary on life inside prison walls)
June 7: Played Chip and Putt Golf
June 23, 24 & 25: Canoe trip down the Delaware River
July 19: Played Chip & Putt Golf
August 25-27: Accompanied the troop to Camp Teddy Roosevelt hiked the Lincoln Trai1 through Washington, D. C.
October 21 & 22: Accompanied the Troop to Bayshore
October 25: Guests and participators at the East Greenville Gun Club
November 18: Hayride followed by a dance at the cabin
This has been a very fine program. We look hopefully to 1968 for even more exploring journeys and adventures. To all future prospects, may we extend a cordial invitation to join Post 2108 Explorer Troop of East Greenvi11e.
Submitted by: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
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1968 Troop Advancement
The Troop advancement for 1968 has, in my Opinion been a good one. Advancements have been made in nearly all the ranks of Scouting. This I believe is due to a sound program, backed by a lot of hard work from Unit leaders and their Assistants.
We have had six Board of Reviews this past year. I would personally like to Thank the men who have so graciously given of their time and effort to make this possible. They are John Hagenbuch, Harold Oberholtzer, Charles Cook, Fritz Boehner, Dick Barndt, Floyd Kline, and Clyde Clemens.
Our advancement record reads as follows:
Tenderfoot: Mike Bittenbender, John Schlicher, Barry Barndt, Sam Mann, Harold Fetterman, Danny Kuhns, Greg Gable, David Wentling, Willard Hacker, James Shaner, and Pat Carr.
Second Class: Les Gable, Jeff Klinet David Mack, Leslie Lachman, Kyle Conrad, Greg Gable.
First Class: Brian Bauman, Carl Simmons, Daryle Underwood, David Schlicher, Les Gable, David Mack.
Star: Stan Bitting, Gary Clemens, Dave Cook, David Mack, David Sch1icher.
There were sixty two merit badges earned by the Troop. 
The advancement for the past year has been very good. It is our hope to continue this progress in the coming year.
Submitted By: Fred L. Zwoyer Chairman, Board of Review East Greenvi11e Troop 108
Camping & Hiking Report for 1968
Scouting in Action may well be the theme of this report since we will have a full year of camping and hiking experiences with the Scouts of Troop 108, East Greenville, Pa. So let us journey into the world of Scouting Trails. We begin our tour on January 12th and 13th for one night of camping at the Scout Cabin with 13 Scouts and 1 Leader present. For the month of February, the Troop went to the Valley Forge Pilgrimage on the l7th and participated in the parade and other activities there. On March 8th and 9th the Troop went camping at the Scout cabin. There were17 Scouts and 1 Leader for this night. For the Valley Forge Trail, on March 30th, there were 25 Scouts and 5 Leaders taking a 10-mile compass course that was set up within the confines of the park. Scouts, in order to receive the trail metal had to write an essay of this hike and course in order to receive one their personal possession. For the month of April, the Troop went to Camp Bashore on the 19th to the 21st to camp in tents. This camp is the Lebanon County Council Camp and is near the Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation. For the pre-camporee, on May l0th to the 12th, the Troop camped at the cabin, the Scouts spent 2 nights in tents with 34 Scouts and 8 Leaders in attendance. The Webelos spent 1 night in the cabin. Next was the Camporee on May 24th to 26th at Valley Forge State Park. Here the Scouts saw Scouting Trails in Action under very rainy skies. This is also a County wide activity and was well represented by all Troops that were there. We had 26 Scouts and 4 Leaders for 2 nights in tents. In June the Scouts spent one night at the cabin with 17 Scouts and 1 Leader on the 14th and l5th. Also in June 3 Scouts spent one week at Jr. Leadership Training which was held at Camp Bashore in Lebanon County. They were: Gary Clemens, Les Gable, and David Mack. In June, Robert Stong and Gil Rock attended the Spring Ordeal of the Order of Arrow. Scout Rock attained his Brotherhood honor and Scout Stong the Chapter Chie£ was held at Camp Delmont.
Midway through the Summer, the Troop in July went to Resica Falls in the Pocono Mountains, July 7th through l3th for 6 nights in tents. There were 30 Scouts and 5 Leaders from our Troop this year for this big encampment. While at Resica the Scouts may take part in all the affairs and also many of the Scouts have a chance to complete some of their Merit Badge requirements. There is also an overnight hike which also draws much interest as well as the fine food and swimming activities that are there for the Scouts. We may also add that some of the Scouts earn some of the money for this event through credits that they receive for their efforts in paper drives which makes the work load seem so much easier for them.
Going into August on the 23rd to 25th, we come to the Annual Father and Son camping trip which this year took them to Camp Twin Echo. This camp is the East Borough Council Camp at Ligionier, Pa. The Scouts hiked the 21 mile Forbes Trail which was a very good test of physical endurance and stamina. To receive a Medal they were required to write an essay of their experiences. Sleeping was in tents and there were 26 Scouts and 26 adults with 6 younger boys also along as non Scouts but part of families who have Scouts in the Troop. Having completed this hike and camping trip we may add that there were, quite a few sore muscles and aching joints to rub out of this picture.
In Fall on September 13th to l5th, two nights were spent at Resica Falls for the Fall Order of the Arrow. Our troop was represented by Robert Stong, Karl Winsch, John Hagenbuch, Brian Bauman and Glen Gilbert who spent two nights in a cabin. Also on September 20th and 2lst one night was spent at the cabin by 26 Scouts and 3 Leaders. Two nights were then spent at the cabin on October 18th to 20th by 24 Scouts and 3 Leaders. They also had their Annual Halloween Party at this time. Then on November 22nd to 24th there were 2 nights spent at the cabin again by 23 Scouts and 5 Leaders who then left for the Washington's Crossing State Park and they hiked the 10 mile Trail for which they had to write an essay in order to receive a Medal. They also toured other points of interest while at the park and then came back to the cabin again to complete this camping adventure.
Getting close to the end of this full year for our Scouts we find that on December l3th to l5th there were 2 nights spent at the cabin by 18 Scouts and 2 Leaders who this time spent 2 nights in tents as part of a winter camping exercise for the Scouts. The Troop was also host to Troop 8 from Beverly, New Jersey where Dennis Reiter is now Scoutmaster and one of our former Scouts. For this Winter Camping it rained the first night and the following night it snowed, so the elements were not in our favor. Also on December 27th to 30th there were 3 nights at the cabin for the Annual Xmas camping which makes a total for the Troop this year of 27 nights of camping. For the last of the year there were 12 Scouts and 4 Leaders for this last of the past year's events.  So in summarizing this year as a very full 27 nights of camping, we find that 3 Scouts have perfect attendance. They are:  Scott Fried, Les Gable, and Dave Mack. Les Gable attained a total of 34 nights of camping since he also spent 6 nights at Jr. Leadership Training and 1 extra at Resica Falls. We might also add that David Mack has 49 nights since he joined the Troop followed by Les Gable with 38 nights and third is Scott Fried with 28 nights. There were also 12 Scouts with 20 or more nights of camping with Scott Fried averaging 22 nights a year for the , last 4- years since he has been in the Troop. So with this record we stand as read and hope to see the year 1969 as another banner year for the Scouts of Troop 108 of East Greenville, Pa.

Submitted By:  Paul H. Sames, Secretary 

Explorer Post 2108 Activities of 1968
The past year has seen a very good program of Explorer adventures for the older Scouts in our Troop who will also be some of our future Leaders in our society. So with the Explorer program and the Scouting program working together, we may be well assured in the future of some of our fine young men of tomorrow and we may also be proud of being part of their future.
So for the past year we can say we had a very good program, which started on January 14 with a bowling event at the East Greenville Fire Company. Then on January 26th to 28th, the Explorers went to the Firestone Explorer Base in the Pocono Mts. for some winter camping adventures. On February 11th, which was Scout Sunday, the Post attended the church services at the St. Philip Neri Church and on February l6th to l8th the Post went to Valley Forge for the Valley Forge Encampment along with the Scouts of the Troop. During the month of March, the Post went over to the Scout cabin on the 9th and went bowling again at the firehouse on the 24th. There was also a Good Will pick up on the 30th of the month. On April 20th, the Post sponsored a dance, which was held at the East Greenville High School.
Another bowling event was held on the 2lst of the month of April at the firehouse. On May 22nd, the Post went Chip and Putting at a local golf course. For June a trip by chartered bus was made to Philadelphia on the l4th to see the Phillies play ball and on the 19th there was another Chip and Putt event held at a, local golf course. On August 23rd to 25th the Post went along with Scouts on the Annual Father and Son trip to Camp Ligioner and hiked the Forbes Trail. For the month of October there was a shoot over at the East Greenville Gun Club on the l6th and also safety was stressed for the boys who took part in this program. On November the 8th a hay ride was taken which was then followed by a dance held over at the Scout cabin with refreshments to wet the thirsty and food for the hungry. The Explorers also made use of the Scout cabin on the 9th and l0th and 29th and 30th ,of this month, to camp over there and for the month of December a dinner was held over at the cabin on the 22nd to wind up a full year of Explorer activities. So we look forward again in 1969 to more adventures in the Post Explorer program.
Submitted By: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
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1969 Troop Advancement report
I am pleased to report that the Scouts of Troop 108 have again had a successful year on the advancement trail. Seven Boards of Review were held in the past year. Thirty seven advancements in rank were recorded along with forty nine Merit Badges.
The list reads as follows:
Tenderfoot: Roy Hildenbrand, Scott Mohr, Brian Miklosovic, Keith Bauman, Bill Klinger, Alan Treffinger, Gene Fitzgerald.
Second Class: Barry Barndt, Mike Snyder, Mike Bittenbender, Harold Fetterman, Danny Kuhns, Sam Mann, Terry Schmoyer, Roy Hildenbrand, Dave Wentling, Willard Hacker, Scott Mohr, Alen, Treffinger, Keith Bauman.
First Class: Bruce Baver, Greg Gable, Barry Barndt, Mike Snyder, Harold Fetterman, Danny Kuhns, Jeff Kline.
Star: Brian Bauman, Bruce Baver, Carl Simmons, Mike Snyder, Stan Bitting, Gary Clemens, Gil Rock, Dave Cook, Scott Fried, Craig Barndt.
It is the hope of the Troop Committee that this kind of progress can be maintained during the coming year. With six boys achieving the rank of Life, the near future should bring forth Eagle Scouts and more incentive for those following.
I would like to Thank the men who have given of their time to serve on the Board of Review in the past year. They are: John Hagenbuch, Roy Gable, Harold Oberholtzer, Willard Hacker, Dick Barndt, Clyde Clemens, Ronald (Flag) Rodenberger, Floyd (Bubbi) Treffinger, Fred Boehner, and Maurice (OB) Fitzgerald.

Submitted By: Fred L. Zwoyer, Board of Review Chairman

Camping and Hiking Report for 1969
As we are gathered here again for our annual Friendship Dinner, we may pause to reflect back to the past year of camping and hiking with the Boy Scouts and Explorers of Troop108 of East Greenville and see how Scouting in Action has produced a very good program of Camping and Hiking for our sons who take pride in being a Boy Scout of America. To begin the camping program for the Troop, a motorcade was made to the Valley Forge Pilgrimage on February 22. The Troop was represented by 25 Scouts and 3 Leaders who took part in the parade and other activities there. In March, the Troop went to the cabin on the l4th to16th. There were 27 Scouts and 3 Leaders on this event for 2 nights of camping. On April 23rd to 25th, the Pre-Camporee was held at the local Scout cabin with 35 Scouts and 7 Leaders attending this event to make this Camporee the best one so far in the history of the Troop. The 2 nights there were by tent camping. We may also add that only one Scout was not present for this Camporee.
Going into warmer weather, the Camporee was held at Hickory Park on May 23rd to 25th with 2 nights in tents. In the weekend competition, all three patrols earned blue ribbons for their efforts and there were 25 Scouts and 5 Leaders for this camping event. For the month or June, we had 3 Scouts go to Camp Bashore on the 15th to 21st for Jr. Leadership Training. They were Bruce Baver, Mike Snyder, and Barry Barndt. Also on June 27th to 29th there were 20 Scouts and 4 Leaders camping at the Scout cabin. From the cabin the Troop went to Washington's Crossing to hike the Washington Crossing Trail which is a 10 mile hike. The trail was hiked by 21 Scouts and 6 Leaders. Next was the big camping week at the Resica Falls Scout Reservation on July 6th to l2th for 6 nights in tents. There were 33 Scouts and 5 Leaders representing our Troop there. For August there was the annual Father and Son Campout on the 22nd to the 24th. This year a trip was made to Bear  Mts. State Park in New York. There were 29 Scouts, 27 Leaders and fathers and also 7 non Scouts along for this trip, A tour was made to Stewart A.F.B. where all meals were eaten and also a side trip was made to the West Point Military Academy. In September, 2 nights were spent in cabins at Camp Rockwood the 5th to 7th. The highlight of this event was a family cookout and swimming program. There were 20 Scouts and 8 Leaders along on this trip. On October l0th to l2th, the Troop went to Camp Bashore for 2 nights of tent Camping by patrols. A total of 31 Scouts and 10 Leaders attended and there was boating, canoeing and archery for all of the Scouts andLeaders present. On November 1st to the 2nd a Halloween Party and Camping was held over at the Scout cabin. One night was spent in the cabin by 26 Scouts and 8 Leaders. On November 22nd and 23rd, a trip was made to Annapolis, Maryland to hike the Annapolis Historical Trail by 22 Scouts and 6 Leaders. A tour of the Naval Academy was one of the highlights as well as seeing all the historical points of Annapolis. Following the trip to Annapolis the Scouts returned to the cabin for 1 night of Camping. There were 19 Scouts and 4 Leaders at the cabin. A trip to the Pocono Mts. was made for December 26th to 29th but heavy snow cancelled this event so the Scouts stayed at home and camped at the cabin for 3 nights. This included 27 Scouts and 9 Leaders.
So, for the totals in camping nights we see that Mike Snyder is the top camper for this year with 32 nights while Barry Barndt had 31 nights camping. This is a due figure since both of these boys were at Jr. Leadership Training Camp. The Troop had 25 nights of camping and the following boys were on all trips: Scott Mohr, Willard Hacker, David Mack, Harold Fetterman, Danny Kuhns, David Wentling, Les Gable and Greg Gable. Other Scouts: who had 20 nights of camping but were missing on a trip or campout were: Bruce Baver-27, Dave Schlicher-24, Scott Fried- 23, Keith Bauman-23, Gil Rock-22, Gary Clemens-21, Alan Treffinger-21, Carl Simmons-20. We may also note that 4 Leaders had 20 nights while 5 others had 10 or better. Another footnote shows that David Mack has the longest camping streak in the Troop with 74 straight nights without a miss. Les Gable follows with 55 and his brother Greg with 48 nights. Harold Fetterman and Danny Kuhns have 43. Scott Mohr and Willard Hacker have 37. David Wentling has 28 and Keith Bauman has 23. A final note also shows that Scott Fried has 20 or more nights for the past 4 years. In summing this all up for the Troop, we can see that this has been a very busy year of camping for all those who took part in these camping and hiking events of the past year. So we again look to the new year for more adventures with the Scouts in Action.
Submitted By: Paul H. Sames, Secretary
Explorer Post 2108 Activities of 1969
As in the past years, the Explorers have strived to give the older Scouts in the Troop a chance to seek knowledge in respect to their future lives in the adult world of today and tomorrow. So in Exploring the theme may well be to seek out and learn just what the world may have to offer and how our future leaders may justify by this very important new step in the direction of being a better adult citizen of tomorrow.
In looking back over the past year of Exploring the Post has camped at the Scout cabin on January 25th and 26th and during Scout Week the Post attended church at the New Goshenhoppen Church on February 9th. Also in the month of February, the Post went skiing at the local Spring Mount slope and had a very good time there despite the cold. The Post also was involved in the annual Scout Dinner on February l5th at the New Goshenhoppen Church dining hall. The Post then went camping down at Valley Forge on February 2lst to 23rd for the Valley Forge Encampment and also took part in the parade and other activities there. On March 7th the Post took a bus trip to Philadelphia to see the 76ers play basketball which proved quite a hit with some of the local sport fans. Also on March 28th to 30th, the Post made a Rubber Raft trip to Pine Creek in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania which gave the Explorers quite a few thrills and put the muscles to use instead Goodwill pickup for the local area. A tour was then set up for April 23rd to see how one of the large trailer company's of Alburtis. A camping trip to the local cabin was then made on April l2th and l3th and on the 19th the Post helped on the production lines which produces today's huge trailers at the Trailmobile Company. In June a tour was then made to see the Knoll Furniture Company on the 4th and this was a very good example of some of our local production companies in action since we observed our friends and neighbors who were working at the time of our tour. On June l3th thru l5th, the Post then went to Wellsboro to stay at Richard Moyer's place who also acted as host for the Explorers who were there. A trip was then made on June 20th to see the Phillies play at Connie Mack Stadium and the Post then went Chip & Putting on the 25th. At the end of June a motor trip was made to Washington Crossing to hike the Washington Crossing Trail along with the Scout Troop. On August 22nd to 24th, the Post went along on the Father & Son trip to Bear Mt. in New York along with the Scout Troop. So to wind up the program for the past year the Post camped at the Scout cabin on October 25th and December 5th and 6th. Looking to the future, we again are setting our goals for a better and more adventuresome Exploring program for the 70's.
Submitted By; Paul H. Sames H. Secretary
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