East Greenville Boy Scouts

From 1970 to 1979

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Word From The 1970 Troop Committee
The Slogan BOY POWER, MAN POWER may be to some people just a slogan but to the men on the Troop and Post Committee of 108 it is a way of life. We sometimes set a fast pace for young boys just entering the Troop and expect a lot of patience from the older boys, but this is life in general. We had an average of 19 men attending our Troop Committee meetings, and anticipate a larger turnout in 1971. This should indicate some of the interest the men on our Troop Committee have in the boys of the Troop & Post.
In the coming year of 1971 we will have two projects to undertake. One is a program from Council called SOAR which means Save Our American Resources. The other project concerns three Adirondacks that we would like to build on the grounds at the cabin.
The men on the Troop Committee would like to extend their appreciation to all the people and business places that help to support one of the oldest Troops in the Valley Forge Council sponsored by a group of citizens.
With the completion of this years Adult Training Course, of which there are 7 sessions, we now have a total of 15 men trained. Another 6 men have partial training.
Submitted By: Troop Committee Chairman Kenneth E. Mohr, Jr. 
Camping and Hiking Report
Another year has passed for the Scouts of Troop 108 and it has proved to be a vintage year in all aspects of the Scouting program. The Scouts can be proud of their record of Merit Badges passed, the many advancements they have made in rank, and the effort they put into their money making programs. They would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped in any way and all those who patronized their programs.
The year of 1970 started with two nights of camping at the cabin on Jan. 30th & 31st. There were 31 Scouts and 7 leaders on this outing. The annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage was made on Feb. 21 and had 25 Scouts and 12 Leaders making the trip. On March 13-15, the Scouts camped in cabins at Camp Acahela. This is the Council's camp for Wyoming Valley Council and is located in the Poconos, this is the trip that was postponed in Dec. because of the snow. The weekend was spent sledding as there was plenty of snow on the ground. The 7 Leaders that made the trip did the cooking for the 24 Scouts.
The annual pre-Camporee was held on April 24-26 in tents at the cabin. There were 28 Scouts and 4 Leaders present. The Cobra Patrol won the Patrol Competition. Seven Scouts and 2 Leaders also had a Patrol Campout at the cabin grounds in April. The Camporee was held at Hickory Park from May 22-24 and was attended by 26 Scouts and 6 Leaders. All three Patrols were Blue 'Ribbon winners at this weekend of competition. The weekend of June 19-21 was spent under the stars on the cabin grounds. Seven Leaders and 15 Scouts were present on this campout. The following Scouts also spent 8 days at Camp Bashore taking a Jr. Leader \Training Course, Danny Kuhns, Alan Treffinger, Willard Hacker, John Hawkins, and Scott  Mohr.
The week of July 12-18 was spent at Resica Falls by 33 Scouts and 10 Leaders. Five of the Leaders were there for the full week. This week is always one of the highlights of the year and this year proved no exception. Four Scouts and one Leader were inducted into the Order of the Arrow. The Troop again won the Water Carnival. Bruce Baver won the Scout of the week Award and Ernest Guldin won the Rookie of the Year award. Another highlight of the year is the annual Father and Son Camping Trip held Aug.28th-30th. Camp Yaw Paw in Northern New Jersey as their destination as 26 Scouts, 8 non Scouts, and 28 fathers made the trip. A hike was made to a high elevation where a view of the New York Skyline, some 30 or 40 miles away, could be seen. A football game with the fathers against the sons was on the program one afternoon, The fathers were the winners in the game but the losers in the sore muscles department the next day. Gilbert Rock, Jr. held Church services on Sunday. On Sept. 11-13,18 Scouts and 9 Leaders spent the weekend at camp Rockwood. They held their water sports activities and slept in cabins. The Scouts camped in tents at Camp Bashore on Oct. 16-1-8. Bashore is in Lebanon County and is their Council's camp. Twenty-four Scouts and 13 Leaders were present. A footba11 game was staged again between the men and the Scouts with the men winners. Dale Dohner of Resica staff was a guest of the Troop. Twenty-three Scouts and 5 Leaders spent one night in the cabin with the annual Halloween party as the highlight of the evening. on Nov. 20-22, 20 Scouts and 10 Leaders camped at the cabin and on Sat., they hiked the Jockey Hollow Trail. This is a 17 mile historical hike in New Jersey, starting in Gladstone and ending in Moorestown. It is historical because of the part it played in the Revolutionary War. The trail also goes through the National Training School, Schiff Scout Reservation.
The annual Christmas Campout was held on Dec. 27-30 at the cabin with 26 Scouts and 6 Leaders braving the cold and sleeping out in tents. This concluded 28 nights of Troop camping for the year. I am sure the Scouts and Leaders enjoyed every trip and the ones that presented the most hardships will linger in their memories the longest.
The following Scouts were on all Troop Campouts: Scott Mohr, Mike Snyder, Harold Fetterman, Ricky Moll, Willard Hacker, Danny Kuhns, David Wentling, Alan Treffinger, and David Mack. Special mention must be made of David Mack, who has not missed a Campout since he joined Scouts and now has 103 straight nights of camping. In second place is Danny Kuhns with 79 straight nights of camping.Scott Mohr and Willard Hacker are tied for third with 73 nights, and Harold Fetterman is next with 72 nights. Scott Mohr and Willard Hacker are also Scouts who have not missed a single night of camping since joining the Scouts. The past year has been a banner year for the Scouts camping and hiking program. They are looking forward to the present year as being better than ever.
Submitted By: Fred Boehner, Secretary  
1970 Troop Advancement Report
The year 1970 will be a memorable one or Troop 108. During the year seven Boards of Review were held to help our Scouts along the Advancement trail. Gains were made in nearly all phases of Scouting. Thirty six advancements in rank were recorded along with 102 Merit Badge£, which was a new Troop record.
The list reads as follows:
Tenderfoot: Kevin Conrad, Ricky Moll, Jeffery Marks, Don Schmoyer, Ernest Guldin, Mark Cashatt, Dean Wampole, Rich Albanese, 
Jeffery Sell.
Second Class: Don Weldner, Gene Fitzgerald, Kevin Conrad, Ernest Guldin, Ricky Moll, Jay Yarnall.
First Class: Kyle Conrad, Willard Hacker, Scott Mohr, Alan Treffinger, Dave Wentling, Don Weldner, Sam Mann, Kevin Conrad, Gene Fitzgerald, Keith Bauman,
Star: Jeff Kline, Harold Fetterman, Alan Treffinger, Willard Hacker, Scott Mohr, Don Weldner, 
Life: Mike Snyder, Carl Simmons, Brian Bauman, Harold Fetterman, Bruce Baver. 
Looking at the past year I feel that Scouting has again moved forward. I would like to extend my personal thanks to the men who served on the Board. Namely, Willard Hacker, Preston Hoffman, Bub Treffinger, Frankie Moll, Carl Fox, Kenny Mohr, Floyd Klineand Dick Conrad.With the support shown by these men, Troop Leaders and Merit Badge Counselors, the Scouts of Troop 108 can look forward to another exciting year along the many Scouting trails.
            Submitted By: Fred L. Zwoyer, Board of Review Chairman
Explorer Post #2108 Activities of 1970
The Explorers' aims for the past year have been one of trying to prepare the older Scouts for their role in the world of tomorrow. This includes visits to industrial plants so they may decide on the path their future career will take and also ways to spend their leisure time to their advantage and enjoyment. The Explorers began the year with a ski outing to Doe Mountain in Jan. that included a lesson on skiing. February found the Post participating in the annual Scout Dinner. On Feb. 11, the Explorers made a tour of Kellers' Creamery. Eight Explorers and 5 Adults made the Valley Forge Pilgrimage on Feb.21-23. The month of March saw the Explorers visiting the U. S. Gauge plant in Sellersville. They also learned how their Community Ambulance Service operates when they attended a lecture on March 16 at Mohr's Garage.
On April 1, they made a tour of the Kawecki Berylco Industries in Boyertown. April 8 saw the Explorers take a trip through Carsons Helicopter Plant in Sellersville. The Goodwill pick up was also made in April. The rubber raft trip down Pine Creek was made on May 1-3. The trip is one of the highlights of the year and was an enjoyable trip with 6 Explorers, 1 Senior Scout, and 11 Leaders participating. May 20 saw 6 Explorers enjoy the Rolling Turf Chip and Putt Course near Schwenksville. On June 17, they made another trip to Schwenksville to try and improve on their golf scores.
There were 7 Explorers and 2 adults camping at the cabin on Sept. 19 & 20. On Sept. 23, 8 Explorers and 4 adults toured the Knolls Plant near East Greenville. It was a most informative evening for everyone. Seven Explorers and 6 men had a clay bird shoot on Oct. 28 at the Red Hill Gun Club. They were hoping to improve their shooting eye for the opening of small game season. On Oct. 31, they enjoyed bowling at East Greenville Fire House.
The Explorers and their girl friends enjoyed a hay ride on Nov. 7 and the dance and refreshments afterwards at the cabin. A tour of the Pillsbury plant was taken on Nov. 18 by the Explorers. They learned of some of the advantages of automation and also what can happen when problems occur in the process.
The 23rd. and 24th of December saw 11 Explorers and 10 adults closing their program for the year with a Christmas dinner and camping at the cabin. The Explorers and their Leaders are looking for the new  year to be more rewarding than ever.
       Submitted By: Fred Boehner, Secretary
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Camping Adventures
The adventure trail begins at home where Mom, Dad, and Scout do the necessary chores of packing for each new camping experience, sometimes relaxed other times hectic in their preparations.
First such experience began on Jan. 29th with two nights of camping at the cabin. The main adventure for the 26 Scouts and 9 Leaders camping was the 10 mile compass trail at Valley Forge Park on Jan. 30th. 
On Feb. 20th the Scouts returned to Valley Forge for the annual Pilgrimage, with 26 Scouts and 9 Leaders taking along ear muffs and mittens for this adventure. 
The weekend of  March 19th to the 2lst. found 28 Scouts and 8 Leaders camping two nights at the cabin, with the daylight hours being used for work projects, namely the cleaning of borough streets for Project SOAR.
The annual Pre-Camporee was held on April 23rd to 24th with 31 Scouts and 17 adults camping. Old Zionsville Boy Scouts joined Troop 108 in this Scouting adventure. 
Cobra Patrol won the Award for Best Campsite and Scouting Spirit
Rain gear was the order of the day for the annual Camporee held at Hickory Park on May 21st to 23rd. A wet but memorable weekend was attended by 32 Scouts and 11 Leaders. 
On June 25 th to 27th, 18 Scouts and 6 Leaders spent a relaxed camping experience at the cabin. 
The camping adventure, each true Scout looks forward to, occurred the week of July 25th to 31st. A full week at Resica Falls, attended by 36 Scouts and 13 Leaders. Nine of the adult Leaders spent the entire week at camp, the other four splitting the week. Four Scouts and one Leader were inducted in the Order of the Arrow
Mike Snyder was named Scout of the Week, while Jody Barndt earned Rookie of the Week.
 Troop l08 wrapped up this finest of camping trips by winning the water carnival and water melon scramble. Aug. 27th to 29th.  
The 13th. Annual Father & Son trip held at Camp Yaw Paw in Northern New Jersey, found 27 Scouts and 33 fathers and Leaders preparing for a wet weekend. On Friday night fathers and sons endured the severest rain storm in Northern New Jersey in many a year. Several fathers and boys were stranded by high water. They were rowed across the lake to join the others for Saturday morning breakfast. 
The weather cleared and an enjoyable weekend was had by all. Swimming gear was packed for a fun weekend at Camp Rockwood on Sept. 10th to 12th, 27 Scouts and 11 Leaders attended.
Oct. 15th to 17th the Troop spent two nights at the cabin, with hiking boots being worn in preparation for a 10 mile compass hike through Gettysburg National Park on Oct. 16th.  While there 35 Scouts and 13 Leaders toured other points of interest and exhibits. The annual Halloween party was held at the cabin Oct. 30th.& 31st with the Pennsburg Girl Scouts being invited guests. 25 Boy Scouts and 5 Leaders camped overnight. 
The 3rd hike of the year was the Washington Crossing Trail on Nov. 20th,  25 Scouts and 9 Leaders camped this weekend of Nov. 19th to 2lst at Camp Ockanickon in Bucks County. 
The last camping experience was held on Dec. 10th to l2 th at the cabin. The main attractions were working on Scout advancements and a Patrol Treasure Hunt, 25 Scouts and 7 Leaders attended.
The total camping adventure ended with 27 nights of Troop camping, with 11 Scouts and 1 Leader having perfect attendance.
Three Scouts have not missed a camping trip since joining the Troop: David Mack-130, Scott Mohr-l00, Willard Hacker-l00. Other camping streaks include Danny E'uhns-106, Harold Fetterman-99, Alan Treffinger-69, Mike Snyder-62, Rick Moll-55, Mark Cashett- 37 and Jeff Sell-32.  
Special note must be made of the Committee men and Leaders of Troop 108 with 15 Leaders having a combined total of 254 nights of camping with the Scouts of our community.
On Aug. 5, 1971 the committee of  Troop 108 and Post 2108 dedicated a new camping facility on the Scout property, an  Adirondack cabin which sleeps eight people comfortably. The cabin was named the Grey Fox, after the first Scout Patrol in East Greenville Scouting History. It is the hope of the committee to build two additional such cabins in the near future to insure a place for the growth in Scouting spirit which is so evident in the parents and leaders of the Scouts in Troop 108.
            Submitted By: Kennth Mohr, Troop & Post Committee Chairman  
1971 Troop Advancement Report
During the year our Scoutmaster held several Tenderfoot Investiture Ceremonies receiving fourteen new Scouts into Troop 108. Also throughout the year the Board of Review met six times to help our boys advance along the Scouting Advancement Trails. Sixteen advancements in rank were recorded, and also Sixty-nine Merit Badges were earned.
Tenderfoot: Martin Dybeck, Travis Zwoyer, Mike Hofke, Barry Benner, James Hoff, Don Smith, Wayne Hoffman, Scott Sinkler, Dave Baver, Kent Fried, Ed Rodenberger, Eric Schlicher, Mike Wentling  & Jody Barndt.
2nd. Class: Don Schmoyer, Barry Benner, Mark Cashett, Mike Hofke, Jeff  Sell and, Dave Baver.
lst. Class: Mark Cashett, Jay Yarnall and Rick Moll.
Star: Gene Fitzgerald & Keith Bauman.
Life: Alan Treffinger, Don Weldner, Scott Mohr, Willard Hacker, Jr. and Jeff Kline.
Again our boys have moved along the many Scouting Trails leading to Advancement and a fuller life as a Boy Scout. Keep up the Good work.  On behalf of the Boys and myself, Thank you to all the men who were willing and able to serve on the Boards of Review held in the past year.
         Submitted By: Clyde R. Clemens, Board of Review Chairman
1971 Activities of Explorer Post 2108
The Explorer program of Post 2108 is designed to give the older Scouts of our community means to continue the fun of Scouting, but also to give insight as to future responsibilities as they become adult members of society.
First activity for the Explorers was held on Jan. 15, 16, and 17 with eight boys and two Leaders spending a weekend camping at Wellsboro. 
On Feb. 7th the Explorers attended church service at New Goshenhoppen Church. Eight Boys and three Leaders camped at the Valley Forge Encampment Feb.19th thur the 21st.
Bowling was the next event on the agenda, this took place at East Greenville Fire Company with 9 boys and l Leader bowling on Feb. 27th. The group then camped overnight at the cabin. 
On March 17th the Post held a Pool tournament.
March 27th found 9 Explorers and 3 Leaders going bowling at East Greenville Fire Co. 
They then camped over-night at the Scout cabin. Slides of 1st year’s  rubber raft trip down Pine Creek were shown on April 21st. at the regular Post meeting. 
The Explorers did a fine job of collecting Goodwill Bags in the community on April 24th.  
May proved to be an historical month for the Explorers of Post 2108, for two members of the opposite sex applied and were granted registration in the Post
On May 22nd, 5 boys 2 girls and 1 Leader attended the drag races at Maple Grove. 
The Explorers saw a Phillies Baseball game in new Veterans  stadium on June 12th. They also enjoyed playing golf on June 16th at Limerick Golf Center.
The Explorers joined Troop 108 on the Father and Son trip Aug. 27th to the 29th to Camp Yaw Paw. 
12 Explorers and 2 Leaders prepared themselves for the hunting season by shooting clay birds at Red Hill Gun Club on Oct. 13th
A camping trip was held at the cabin Oct. 23rd. and 24th. with 8 boys and 1 Leader camping. 
Nov. 6th found 5 Explorers and 1 Leader having a bowling rematch. 
Dec. 22nd. the Post enjoyed their annual Christmas dinner at the home of Post Treasurer Howard Huber with 10 Explorers and 5 Leaders present.
The final event for the year was an Explorer Recognition Dinner Dance held at the Holiday Inn in King of Prussia, with 13 members of Post 2108 attending. The committee desires the Explorer program to be an interesting and beneficial experience in the growth of our young people in the years to come.
             Submitted By: Kennth Mohr, Troop & Post Committee Chairman
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Troop 108 Camping Report  
Jan. 14-16: Homestead Farm, Trumbauersville. 28 Scouts, 9 Leaders.
Feb. 26: Valley Forge Pilgrimage. 33 Scouts, 7 Leaders .
March 17-19: Camp Mohican, N. J. 34 Scouts, 13 Leaders.
March 21-22: Philmont Training Weekend. 10 Scouts, 2 Leaders.
April 11-16: Senior Scout weekend at Cabin. 10 Scouts.
April 28-30: Annual Pre-Camporee. 47 Scouts, 12 Leaders camping in tents at Cabin grounds. Patrol Award won by Cobra Patrol.
May 19-21: Annual District Camporee, Hickory Park. 30 Scouts, 12 Leaders.
June Training Weekend and then off to Philmont. 9 Scouts, 2 Leaders.
June 23-25: Weekend Camping at Cabin. 21 Scouts, 4 Leaders.
July 23-29: Resica Falls Camp. 47 Scouts, 14 Leaders. Members of Troop inducted in Order of Arrow: Ernest Gu1din , Rick Moll, Keith Bauman, Gene Fitzgerald and Richard Guldin. Troop voted Davrid Mack Scout of the Week, also Ed Jakoby as Rookie of the Week.
Aug. Jr. Leader Development Course, 12 days attended by Mark Cashatt, Ed Rodenberger, Barry Benner, Ernest Guldin, Jeff Sell, and Mike Hofkee, Gene Fitzgerald and Rick Moll attended a week of Aquatics Camp. Jeff Kline also camped a week at Camp Delmont.
Aug. 25-27: Annual Father and Son Trip to Camp Rock Enon near Winchester, Va. 38 Scouts, 35 Adults, 3 Non-Scouts. The Annual Football Game was won by the Scouts, 6 to 0.
Sept. 8-10: Fun Weekend at Camp Rockwood.  38 Scouts, 7 Leaders.
Sept. 22-23: One-nighter at Cabin. 38 Scouts, 6 Leaders.
Oct. 13-15: Camp Hart, Philadelphia Council, 40 Scouts, 8 Leaders.
Oct. 28-29: Annual Halloween Party at Cabin. 37 Scouts, 4 Leaders.
Nov. 3-5: Jr. Leader Development Week-end at Delmont. 14 Scouts.
Nov. 17-19:  43 Scouts, 8 Leaders camped at Cabin. On Nov. 18, the Troop hiked the Annapolis Trail with Trail Medals being awarded to 34 Scouts, 11 Adults.
Nov. 25: Scoutmaster Winsch and 3 Scouts hiked Braddocks' Trail near Pittsburgh.
Dec.28-31: Annual Christmas Camping at Cabin. 38 Scouts, 8 Adults.
Ernest Guldjn and Alan Treffinger attended the Fall Order of Arrow Weekend. Alan received his brotherhood this Weekend. Troop l08 camped a total of 29 nights in 1972 with 15 Scouts and 1 Leader having Perfect attendance.
Leading campers for the Troop in 1972 are as follows:
51 nights Rick Moll
50 nights Gene Fitzgerald, Alan Treff inger, David Mack.
8 Scouts had more than 40 nights, 7 Scouts had more than 30 nights, 12 Scouts had more than 20 nights.
14 Leaders had 10 or more nights. Floyd Treffinger led the men with 36 nights, followed by Maurice Fitzgerald and Karl Winsch with 31 nights. Assistant Scoutmaster Ronald Rodenberger had 27 nights. Leonard Bauman, Troop I. R. camped 21 nights.
Camping streaks which extended during 1972 include the following:
SCOUT             Top Ten              NIGHTS
David Mack                                        179
Willard Hacker                                   146
Danny Kuhns                                      136
Scott Mohr                                         131
Harold Fetterman                                127
Alan Treffinger                                    119
Rick Moll                                            106
Mike Snyder                                         97
Mark Cashatt                                        83
Jeff Sell                                                 76
1972 Troop Advancement Report
During the year our Scoutmaster held several Tenderfoot Investiture Ceremonies receiving seventeen new Scouts into Troop 108. During the year the Board of Review met nine times to help our boys along the Scouting Advancement Trails. Fifty Five Advancements in Rank were recorded, and also seventy-nine Merit Badges were earned.
Tenderfoot: Mark Thomas, Mark Henry, Brian Myers, James Kuhns, Ken Rodenberger, Scott Grier, David Mauer, Scott Treffinger, 
Paul Pavlakis, Dean Godshall, Mike Treffinger, Randy Sowers, Steve Riffert, John Moser, Darryl Johnson, Paul Yoder, John Soffa and 
Mark Kern.
2nd Class: Martin Dybeck, Ed Rodenberger, Mike Wentling, Wayne Hoffman, Travis Zwoyer, Jody Barndt, Scott Treffinger, Kent Fried, Darryl Johnson, Mark Henry, James Kuhns, Mike Treffinger, Steve Riffert, Paul Yoder, Ed Jacoby, Scott Grier, David Mauer, Randy Sowers.
lst Class: Kent Fried, Mike Wentling, Donald Schmoyer, Travis Zwoyer, Martin Dybeck, Wayne Hoffman, Ed Rodenberger, Barry Benner, Ernest Guldin and Mike Hofke.
Star Scout: Ricky Moll, Mark Cashatt, Ernest Guldin and Jeff Sell.
Life Scout: Eugene Fitzgerald, Ricky Moll and Mark Cashatt.
Eagle Scout: Alan Treffinger and David Mack.
Our boys have again moved along the Scouting Trails leading to Advancement and a fuller life as a Boy Scout. Keep up the good work. I would like to give a Special Congratulations to Alan Treffinger and David  Mack, they have reached the Goal of All  Scouts, the Eagle Rank.
On behalf of the boys and myself, Thank You to all the men who were willing and able to serve on the Boards of Review held in the past year.
           Submitted By: Gilbert A. Ebright, Board of Review Chairman  
1972 Activities of Explorer Post 2108
Jan. 19: Pool Tournament. 9 Explorers, 3 Leaders.
Feb. 5: Bowling Match East Greenville Fire Co. and camped overnight at Cabin.
Feb.13: Attended Church Services at New Goshenhoppen
Feb.17: Skiing at Doe Mountain, 6 Explorers, 2 Leaders.
March 1- 3: Phila. 76ers' Basketball Game, 10 Explorers, 2 Leaders
March 5: Bowling Match, E. G. Fire Co., 8 Explorers, 1 Leader
March 17-18: Perkiomen School, Explorer Olympics, 6 entered, earned 1 Gold Medal, 2 Bronze Medals.
April 1: Phila. Flyers' Ice Hockey.
April 15: Collection of Goodwill Bags in East Greenville
April 28: Pine Creek rubber raft trip, 29 miles. The following day was spent hiking the Grand Canyon of Penna. 10 Explorers, 7 Leaders .
Aug. 26-28: Camped with Troop for Annual Father and Son Trip to Camp Rock Enon, Winchester, Virginia.
Oct.  Reorganization of Post with 13 members attending meetings.
Nov. 4: Bowling at E. G. Fire Co. and camped overnight at cabin. 8 Explorers.
Dec.23-24: Annual Christmas Dinner at Cabin and slept overnight. 9 Explorers, 3 Leaders.
"Happenings of ‘72”
Below are listed a few of the things which have happened during the year of  1972.
Adirondack Cabin -The second Adirondack cabin which is being built on our property at the Scout Cabin is approximately one-half complete. We are hoping to have it completed for Spring Camping.
Stepping Stone -A stepping stone engraved “East Greenville Boy Scouts Troop 108” with a Boy Scout emblem centered on the stone was donated and installed in front of the cabin steps by Mr. Franklin Snyder. Our many thanks to Franklin for this beautiful stepping stone .
Basketball Court -A backboard and basket has been erected in front of the Cabin.
The way our boys were shooting during the Christmas camp out we should have some winning Basketball Teams at Upper Perk Schools in the future. Thanks to the Upper Perk Schools for the donation of the backboard and pole, which was removed from the Middle School lot to make room for the new building.
Christmas Candy - Our Christmas Candy Sales this year have been the best ever. A well done to all who helped to bring about this success.
Christmas Tree Sales - Our boys and fathers did a great job once again in selling Christmas Trees. Many families in the community used our Christmas trees to help bring the Christmas Spirit into their homes.
                Submitted By: Richard Guldin, Troop Committee Chairman
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Camping and Hiking Report for  
January 19-21: Klondike Derby at Camp Delmont. 37 scouts, 8 Leaders- 2 nights.
February 23-25: Valley Forge Pilgrimage and Encampment. 45 scouts, 9 Leaders. First year Senior Scouts could camp with Explorers and 14 Scouts, 4 Leaders camped.
March 23-25: A Junior Leader weekend. 18 Scouts participated 2 nights.
March 30- April 1: 2 nights at cabin, hiked Jocky Hollow Trail on March 31. 48 Scouts, 10 Leaders.
April 27-29:  Pre-Camporee at cabin. Flying Eagle patrol won the weekend competition. 48 Scouts and 10 Leaders were along with 2 Webelos and their fathers.
May 18-20: Scouting Trails in Action at Valley Forge and for those attending the Jamboree a weekend of training (same place). The troop shows its newly formed band to the Scout public. 43 Scouts, 6 Leaders.
June 23- 30: 7 Scouts and 1 Leader took a 200 mile bike hike on C & 0 canal. 8 nights.
June 29- July 1: Camped at Freedoms Foundation and had a work project of clearing land for a helicopter landing pad, 27 Scouts, 5 Leaders.
July 22- 28: Resica Falls 44 Scouts, 11 Leaders (6 Leaders spent the full week.) Fred Hofke and Mark Cashatt were inducted into the Order of the Arrow. Scout of the Week was Alan Treffinger. Rookie of the Year was Wade Conrad.
August: 14 Scouts along with Assistant Scoutmasters Treffinger and Rodenberger attended the National Jamboree East.
  Ten boys and leaders have never missed a camping trip.
They are as follows:
David Mack 218
Rick Moll 151
Mark Cashatt 119
Jeff Sell 115
Mike Hofke 102
Karl Winsch 89
Mike Wentling 78
Ed Rodenberger 71
Scott Treffinger 66
Don Schmoyer 65
Next ten are:
Steve Riffert 56
Randy Sowers 49
Gene Fitzgerald 45
Jim Kuhn 45
Darryl Johnson 39
Dave Baver 36
Mark Kern 28:
Dave Mauer 27
Mike Treffinger 27
Jeff Guldin 26
Honorable Mention
Evan Slotter 22
Randy Ash 20
Todd Shearer 18
1973 Troop Advancement Report
The year of 1973 saw many new boys being given the Tenderfoot Investiture ceremonies. During the year the Board of Review met nine times to help our boys along the Scouting Advancement Trail. Because of the ever changing times the Board of Review has changed too. Besides myself, at least 2 Senior Scouts help with the Board of Review. The Seniors have proven themselves to be well qualified in helping on a Board of Review.
Tenderfoot: Mark Bilger, Dave Thurman, Barry Shaimnn, Joe Herwig, Jeff Guldin, Bob May, Mike Fiorito, Evan Slotter, Todd Shearer, Randy Ash, Troy Oberholtzer, Chris Easton.
Second Class:  Mark Kern, Eric Schlicher, Dean, Godshall, Jeff Guldin, Evan Slotter, Barry Shaiman.
First Class:  Scott Treffinger, Darryl Johnson, Dave Baver, Jody Barndt, Mark Henry, Scott Grier, Randy Sower, Mark Kern, Steve Riffert, Paul Yoder, James Kuhn, Mike Treffinger.
Star Scout: Ed Rodenberger, Barry Benner, Mike Hofke , Darryl Johnson, Wayne Hoffman, Donald Schmoyer, Dave Baver, Scott Treffinger, Steve Riffert.
Life: Barry Benner, Mike Hofke, Jeff Sell, Darryl Johnson, Donald Schmoyer, Ernest Guldin, Scott Treffinger.
Eagle Scout: Bruce Baver, Mike Snyder, Jeff Kline, Ricky Moll, Eugene Fitzgerald.
Bronze Palm: Alan Treffinger.
For the year 1973 this brings the total advancements to 52.
200 Merit badges were earned in 1972. This is an all times high.
The leaders in earning merit badges are as follows:
Darryl Johnson- 14
Scott Treffinger-13
Barry Benner-12
Mlike Hofke-11
Steve Riffert-11
David Baver-10
We had a total of 5 Eagle Scouts this year. If you add the 2 from December of last year, you have a total of 7 Eagle Scouts in just a little over a year. This will be hard to top.    
Submitted By: Gilbert A. Ebright, Board of Review Chairman.  
Explorer Activities of 1973
We began our 1973 Explorer functions;
Feb. 10: by having 8 boys attend the 1973 Friendship Banquet.
On Feb.17th, our Asst  Advisor Carl Fox and 9 boys participated in a little bowling competition among  themselves at the East Greenville Fire Company. The boys decided they would like to take in a Hockey game, so they chartered a bus and sold tickets to see the Blazers. 9 boys and 2 Leaders attended on Feb. 18.
March 10th, the Explorer Division held the Annual Explorer Olympics at the Perkiomen Prep School. 7 boys competed and Explorer Advisor Dick Moyer attended.
March 23-24th, Four Explorers and 1 Assistant Advisor camped at the cabin. During the Spring months there weren’t any activities and the Summer months we didn't hold any meetings.
Starting in Fall, with our meetings we scheduled a Clay Bird Shoot for October 21 at the U. P. Sportsmen’s Club in Red Hill. 12 boys and 2 adults attended.
November 3rd, 11 boys and 2 Leaders teamed up for a little bowling competition at the East Greenville Fire Company. Nov. 10th, We slept at the Cabin. 9 boys and 2 Leaders played cards till the wee hours of the morning. .
Dec. 1st, the Explorers chartered a bus and sold tickets to see the Army and Navy Football Game. 15 boys and 1 Leader attended.
Dec. 19th, we had our Annual Christmas Dinner. It was held at Carl Fox's home. Nine boys and 2 Leaders consumed Mrs. Fox's good food. We ended the year by camping at the Cabin on Dec. 22 & 23. 9 boys and 1 Leader attended. 
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 Camping and Hiking Report 
January 25-27: Camp Delmont, the annual Klondike Derby tent camping, 33 Scouts, 7 adult Leaders. Cobra Patrol won 1st, place in the Continental District.
February 22-24: Valley Forge encampment 8 senior scouts, 5 Leaders camped, Troop band paraded in Pilgrimage, Valley Forge Historical Trail hiked by additional 16 Scouts and 4 adults.
March 15-17: Troop 108 Scout  camped at the Scout cabin, 38 scouts and 7 adults.
April 19-21: Pre-camporee, Scout cabin grounds, tent camping, 44 Scouts and 11 adults. Cobra patrol was first in weekend competition.
May 17-19: District camporee at the Y.M.C.A. camp near Stowe, 30 Scouts, 7 adults. Cobra and Apache won top patrol awards.
June 28-30: Scout Cabin grounds, 31 Scouts, 5 adults.
July 20-27: Week at Resica Falls, 46 Scouts and 11 Leaders attended summer camp. Troop band played at retreat, the Troop won the water carniva1 contest. David Baver and Scott Treffinger were inducted into Order of Arrow. Jeff Sell was named Scout of the Week. Tim Ledbetter was named Rookie of the Year.
August 23-25: 16th annual Father & Son trip to Lake of Isle Camp, Connecticut. Tours of New London , Submarine Base, the US Coast Guard Academy, Mystic Seaport, and USS Fulton Submarine Tender. Tours were made by bus with a total of 95 Scouts and adults.
September 6-8: Camp Rockwood, swimming and family camping -37 Scouts, 9 Leaders
October 11-13: Camped at the Scout cabin grounds,41 Scouts, 7 Leaders. Troop hiked the Gettysburg Historical Trail on this weekend.
October 26-27: Annual Halloween party at the Scout cabin ,40 Scouts, 3 Leaders. Pennsburg Girl Scout Troop attended the party.
November 8-10: Tent camping at cabin in preparation for Guided Discovery -39 Scouts, 5 Leaders
November 23-24: District campout at Camp Delmont. Guided Discovery, Backpacking and tent camping, 38 Scouts, 6 adults. Cobra Patrol won a first place trophy.
December 27-31: Tent camping at the Scout cabin, 37 Scouts, 7 Leaders.  A Treasure Hunt was won by the Cobra Patrol The annual Beauty Contest winner was Mark Fiorito. The Pancake Flipping Contest winner was Randy Sowers. Patrols cooked a wonder meal. A Troop gift exchange was held. Troop 108 won the District swim meet for the fourth straight year.
Other Camping by Troop Members
One week at Camp Delmont, Jr. Leader Development Training: Mark Kern, Jim Kuhn, Steve Riffert and Wayne Hoffman.
Area 5A, Order of Arrow weekend at Camp Horseshoe, Maryland -Karl Winsch and Bob Stong
Resica Falls -Wood Badge -one week -Floyd Treffinger
Camp Delmont -Counselor in training -two weeks -Ernest Guldin
Continental District Adult Training -2 days - Mike Blatter, Vincent Hamm and Bob Stong
Five Scouts and 2 Leaders attended all 31 Troop nights of camping.
Floyd Treffinger and Ernest Guldin camped 39 nights.
41 Scouts and Leaders had more than 20 nights of camping.
David Mack's camping streak came to an end after seven years with 239 nights of camping.
Current Troop members with camping streaks include:
Rick Moll 185
Jeff Sell 149
Mike Hofke 136
Karl Winsch 124
Mike Wentling 110
Scott Treffinger 97
Steve Riffert 92
James Kuhn 81
Randy Sowers 80
Darryl Johnson 70
Dave Baver 67
Dave Mauer 58
Evan Blotter 53
Randy Ash 51
Todd Shearer 49
Floyd Treffinger 40
Mark Bilger 39
Barry Shaiman 26
Mark Kern 26
Mike Fiorito 23
Mark Fiorito 23
Eric Slotter 23
1974 Troop Advancement Report
Due to the change of requirements the advancement was rather poor for the year. This followed a tremendous year of 1973 when all pushed to advance under the old requirements. During the year the Board of Review met 4 times to help our boys along the scouting trail.
Tenderfoot: Mitch Hamm, Troy Oberholtzer, Eric Slotter, Todd Jakoby, Mark Fiorito, Fred & Greg Caciolo.
Second Class: Mark Bilger, Randy Ash, Todd Shearer, Troy Oberholtzer, Mike Fiorito.
First Class: Jeff Guldin, Barry Shaiman,, Mike Treffinger, James Kuhn, Paul Yoder, Mark Kern, Barry Shaiman.
Life: David Baver, Darryl Johnson
For the year of 1974 this brings a total of 21 advancements, 128 Merit Badges were earned. 
The Leaders for merit badges were: Barry Shaiman-10, David Baver-8, Darryl Johnson-8, Steve Riffert-8.
It is the Board's hope that next year we can pick up the advancement as the Scouts better acquaint themselves with the new program.
                 Submitted By: Gilbert A. Ebright, Board of Review Chairman  
Cabin Dedication 1974
We acknowledge the thoughtfulness of those who made possible the scout cabin. This structure, built in the early forties, will serve the members of East Greenville Troop 108, Boy Scouts of America. It will help point scouts toward the Scout Oath and Law and make them better citizens. It will help scouts to grow in fellowship as they experience campouts together. Since the Delaware Indians once roamed the area and the scouts of today have received such a rich heritage from the Indians we will call our cabin Witauchsundin which in the language of the Delaware means to have fellowship with one another. What better name could we bestow on this wonderful structure.
We especially want to recognize the building committee, formed, March 9, 1939, of Victor Ensminger chairman, Fred Diehl, Merritt Derr, Paul Heimbach and Victor Moyer Sr., also the finance committee of Warren Krieder, Frederick Bieler Sr., Harold Roth, Quinton Swenk, Vic Ruter, Paul Steinman and Clarance Reitnauer, also to Bill Beahm, the scoutmaster and his assistant David Croll, Bill Thomas, Merritt Derr and later Harold Roth and Charles Krause, and last but not least, to the members of the Troop who helped with the labor. 
At this time Vic Ensminger whom is said to have been the driving force behind the building of the cabin, will hand the sign ""Witauchsundin."
Starting our 1974 program of activities,
January 15th, the Explorers tried their feat at skiing on the Doe Mountain's slopes. The following Sunday, January 20th, the floors of the Civic Building basketball court were aloud with the squeaking of a fast moving Explorer basketball game. Parents often wonder how their sons behave when the boy is on his own, well arrangements were made to go skiing for a weekend at Oregon Hill.
Feb. 1, 2, 3rd, The ski lodge offered 8 person dwellings in their Motel complex with meals, lodging and tow lift supplied for  a pre-arranged price. I would like to compliment the parents for the behavior of the boys that went along. We had 14 boys and 4 adults that went skiing. The following weekend the Post attended the annual Scout Banquet and there the Post was proud to present the most active Explorer award to Gary Bilger.
March 1,2,3rd, the Perkiomen Prep School played host to the Valley Forge Council Explorer Winter Olympics Program. With the excellent coaching and planning of my assistant Glen Gilbert and the terrific effort put forth by the boys there were Gold, Silver and Bronze medals taken that weekend. The next four activities consisted of bowling at the East Greenville Fire House on March 22 and April 6, after both these bowling activities we slept at the Scout cabin.
Our next 2 activities may have been a first for some of the boys. Friday, April 26, 11 boys and 1 girl and 2 Leaders left for the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania to ride the rapids of the Pine Creek that runs through the Grand Canyon. We did this on rubber rafts on Sat., Apri1 27th. and came home Sunday, April 28th. Our next activity is one even some adults are afraid to try. Sunday morning, May 19th, we had 9 boys and 4 adults leave for the Kutztown Airport to give Sailplane flying a try. The pilots took one boy at a time to an altitude of 2000 feet, with the help of a tow plane, reaching that altitude the sailplane is cut loose to sail on its own. Each boy was given a chance to fly the plane with the supervision of the instructor pilot.
As the summer grew nearer the attendance started to fall off. We camped at the Scout cabin in May and June, but had very poor attendance.
August 18th, Terry Mayer was kind enough to invite the Post for a fishing trip on his boat, the weather was fine but the fishing wasn't. We didn't have any meetings during the summer months.
Starting the Explorer Program in fall, we scheduled a night at the Scout cabin on October 19th, and Sunday, October 20th, the boys shot clay birds at the Red Hill Gun Club. Talk of the activities is drawing more boys into the Post. The boys decided they liked Sailplane flying so they made arrangements Sunday, October 27th, to try Sailplane flying again. This time we had 18 boys and 4 adults attend.
November 10th, the boys competed against each other in a game of basketball at the Civic Building. The boys decided they would like to spend a weekend at the Scout cabin, 19 boys attended. They sawed up firewood on Saturday and Saturday night they cooked a meal for the whole group.  At 7 pm. that night the boys met at the Pennsburg Pool room for a few games of pool, returning back at the Scout cabin by 11:30. We left Sunday to come home.
The last get together of the year was our Christmas Dinner, which was held in the kitchen of the Goshenhoppen Church. At the present time our Post has 31 boys and 2 girls.
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From the Troop Committee
The year 1975 has been another busy time for the Post and Troop committee. We participated as Chapter 1 (The Brush  Stompers) of the Brothers of the Brush in the East Greenville Centennial parade. We were also active in some of the other Centennial events, and came out as East Greenville champs of the Tug of War contest. 
With a lot of effort, our long needed wash and outhouse at the cabin has been brought under roof. There are still some odds and ends to be completed, after which we would like to build our 3rd Adirondack. The average attendance of 21 men at our Troop Committee Meetings during 1975 indicates the interest of these men for the boys of the Troop and Post. Without the support of people and business, it is almost impossible for a Troop sponsored by a group of citizens to have a good Scouting program for the boys. But because of this support, we have been able to step, into our 52nd year of Scouting. The men of the Troop and Post committee would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all supporters.
                Submitted By: Fred Hofke, Troop and Post Committee Chairman.
1975 Camping and Hiking Report
Jan. 24-26: The annual Klondike Derby was held at Camp Nisatin in the Blue Mountains. Two wet nights of tent camping with 30 Scouts and 9 Leaders present. Cobra Patrol, with Scott Treffinger as leader, took first place for the Continental District.
Feb. 21-23: Annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage and Encampment. Ten Senior Scouts and 4 Leaders camped while an additional 20 Scouts and 5 Leaders marched in the pilgrimage. Troop band played.
March 14-16: Camped at the Scout Cabin. 35 Scouts and 7 Leaders were present.
April 11-13: Annual Pre-Camporee, patrols camped on the Scout cabin grounds. 42 Scouts and 14 Leaders participated. Cobra Patrol won the weekend patrol competition, Scott Treffinger was the Patrol Leader. Red Hill Troop 170 were weekend guests.
May 16-18: Annual District Camporee again held at the Pottstown Y. M. C. A. Camp near Stowe. 33 Scouts and 10 Leaders were present. Cobra Patrol was one of the 5 top patrols, and earned a blue ribbon. Evan Slotter  is now the new Patrol Leader.
June 27-29: Camping at Scout Cabin with 24 scouts and 6 Leaders. While camping at the cabin was for the Troop, it can also be noted 10 additional Scouts, of the Troop with their Leader, Floyd Treffinger left for two weeks of camping at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Also June was the time for the annual Firestone Awards Camp-out. Randy Sowers and Todd Jakoby participated in this event and Randy for his efforts was the recipient of a week of 1 free summer camp.
July 27- Aug. l : A week of summer camp and for the first time in the Troops history it was out of council. Camp Horseshoe in Rising Sun, Maryland was the spot where the Troop camped. 50 Scouts and 12 Leaders spent 8 days at Horseshoe. The Troop band played at the evening camp retreat. Scott Treffinger won the Silver Buckle Award while Stefan Hofke was voted "Rookie of the Year" . Tapped out by the Order of the Arrow were Jeff Sell, Mike Wentling, Barry Shaiman, Mark Kern and Mike Slotter.  In the Paul Bunyan Field Day theTroop placed third.
Auq. 22-24: Another highlight of the Troop summer is the annual Father and Son Trip. This year’s 17th annual trip was to Camp Brule in Sullivan County. A weekend of fun was had by 41 Scouts, 33 adults and 3 future scouts.
Sept. 12-14: Scout Cabin camping while hiking the historical Delaware-Lehigh Canal Trail as a weekend highlight. 42 Scouts and 7 Leaders camped while 35 Scouts and 14 adults took the historical trail hike.
Oct. 17-19: Scout Cabin with 45 Scouts and 8 Leaders. Since the Bux-Mont Cross Country Championships were being held at nearby Butter Valley Golf Port and some members of the team, Alan & Scott Treffinger, Don Schmoyer & Ernie Guldin, were members of the Troop we hiked there to cheer for our favorites. TheTroop cheered Alan to a lst place finish and a team finish of second. Also in the evening the Troop hosted the Pennsburg Girl Scout Troop to a Halloween Party.
At the October Order of the Arrow Weekend held at Camp Delmont Barry Shaiman, Mark Kern and Mike Slotter were inducted.
Oct.25-28: Scouts and 10 Leaders journeyed to Philadelphia to hike the newly opened Ben Franklin Historical Trail. The Troop attended the opening ceremony at Independence Mall and upon finishing the trail were awarded special first day patches as well as a trail medal.
Nov. 22-23: Camp Delmont for the Continental Districts Orienteering Campout. 40 Scouts & 8 Leaders participated in the one day and night of backpacking using only dehydrated foods. Evan Slotter's, Cobra Patrol won a first place and each member was the recipient of a trophy.
Dec. 26-30: Annual Christmas Campout at the Scout Cabin. 33 Scouts and 9 Leaders camped. The trip had a couple of highlights one of which was the hiking of the Historical Colonial Trail, a 12 mile hike from Emmaus to Allentown. This trail, with Bob Kern as trailmaster, was hiked by 31 Scouts and Leaders. Each received a patch and segment patch. Four  more segments must be hiked before earning a medal. Also a highlight was the Christmas Party which included exchanging presents, singing carols and the crowning of Miss Troop 108. This years winner Dave Riffert. The Continental District Annual Swim Meet was held while the troop was camping. This year the troop was trucked to the Prep School where they tied for first place. To date the troop has never lost a swim meet.
                 Submitted By: Fred Hofke, Troop and Post Committee Chairman.
1975 Troop Advancement Report
The new Scout Program of advancement has a personal growth agreement between the Leader & the boy. This takes place before he goes in front of Troop Leaders review. Troop Leaders are members of the Senior Patrol. The Scout is reviewed by Troop Leaders for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class & lst Class. 
For Star, Life & Eagle Rank Troop Committee members review the boy after a previous personal growth agreement has taken place between the boy & a Scout Leader.
Seven Boards of Review were held in the past year. Forty advancements in rank were recorded along with 155 Merit Badges.
Tenderfoot: Mike Hamm, Danny Vanim, Shawn Long, Terry Bieler, Stefan Hofke, Jim Ash.
Second Class: Fred Caciolo, Greg Caciolo, Eric Slotter, Todd Jakoby, Mark Fiorito, Chris Sakautzkio
First Class: Evan Slotter, Dave Mauer, Mike Fiorito, Randy Ash.
Star: Evan Slotter.
Life: Steve Riffert, Barry Shaiman, Randy Sowers, and Paul Yoder.
Pro Deo Et Patria religious award to Scott Treffinger.
I would like to thank the men who have given of their time to serve on the Board of Review in the past year.
                   Submitted By: Floyd Treffinger, Jr. Acting Chairman
1975 Explorer Post 2108 Activities
The start of our activities for the1975 year was Jan.19th, at the Civic Bldg. for a game of basketball. The Explorers  played and shouted with the enthusiasm of a stampede of buffalo. This energy was shown again in Feb. when we attended an Explorer Winter Carnival at Camp Pinemere on the 14, 15, & l6th. Despite the bitter cold, our Post mustered up enough drive to come out ahead in a snowball-throwing melee. Sledding, tobogganing, skiing and snowmobile rides were enjoyed, but the dances at night seemed to warm up the boys more than anything else.
Preparations were made for the Explorer Olympics held at the Perkiomen School on March l4 -15, & 16th. The previous year we'd taken 8th place but were determined to better our record this year. The boys figured out who was going to enter certain events and who would be part of the team events. With snow on the ground, a sloppy track to run on and a very muddy field to play team handball we went all out to win. Sliding, bumping and falling in cold clammy mud some left the field with as much as 10 lbs. of mud over their clothes. They also walked away with a lst, place in team hand- ball. Other gold medals were won in volleyball, wrestling & diving. They came out second place winners in Ping-Pong, tennis, shot-put, discus, high jump, twice in wrestling, and 3 times in swimming. We took three third places. It was a very proud moment at the awards ceremony for our post to stand up and be counted as one of the best.
On April 6th, we drove to Maple Grove, Pa. to hear engines screaming and, tires smoking as cars bolted down the mile drag strip.
In May we gathered at the Upper Perk High School swimming pool for an introductory lesson in scuba diving. Everybody listened closely because after the explanations we entered the pool. Under a buddy system everyone took turns breathing underwater for the first time. A few caught on quickly but there was considerable gasps & gulping of water as our advisor (Kenny Mohr) swore we were trying to drown him. Although we tried some new things our attendance fell short as the summer drew closer. In October we re-organized and on Nov. 9th we went to the Red Hill Gun Club for some trap-shooting. There were some good shots but not up to par of the bragging done before hand.
We can't forget the nights at the cabin with basketball & card playing taking priority with the Explorers. Our new assistant for this year, Fred Zoyer, Jr. led instructions on some survival cooking. Potatoes packed in mud with bacon & eggs fried in a brown paper bag were only two of a few new tricks shown to those attending.
Overall 1975 was a very fine year with a fine group of young men joining together in an Exploring atmosphere.
               Submitted By: Kenneth Mohr Jr. , Explorer Advisor  
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1976 From the Troop Committee
As we look back at the year 1976, the Nations Bicentennial, it has been a good year for the Troop. The Committee's Goals have been met. The outhouse at the Scout cabin is in operation and the third Adirondack is completed and a lot of painting has been done on the porch of the cabin. We celebrated the Bicentennial by participating in the local Bicentennial  Parade as the "Brush Stompers”, Chapter l of the Brothers of the Brush. Floyd Bubi Treffinger, Committeeman and Assistant Scoutmaster, received his Wood Badge beads, the highest Leadership training award for a volunteer Scouter.
Average attendance at our Troop Committee meetings in 1976 was 18 men. This shows how interested the men of the Committee really are to have a good Scouting program for the youth of our Troop and Post.
Committee projects for 1977: Painting the outside of the Scout cabin with wood preserver, and some work on the inside. The fireplaces in front of the Adirondacks should be replaced.
The men of the Troop and Post Committee would like to extend their appreciation to all the People and places of business that have helped to support Troop 108 and Post 2108 in the past, and hopefully in the future. Because of this support, we are now stepping into our 53rd, year of Scouting.
I would also like to thank the Leaders, Officers, and the men of the Committee for their service to the boys.
Submitted By: Fred  Hofke, Troop and Post Committee Chairman.
Camping and Hiking Report
Jan. 30 - Feb. 1: The Bicentennial Year's camping began with the Klondike Derby at Camp Delmont attended by 37 Scouts and 7 Leaders, a weekend that ended to a steady rain.
Feb. 20 - 21: Annual Valley Forge Pilgrimage encampment. Sixteen Senior Scouts and 7 Leaders camped in tents and an additional 18 Scouts and 2 Leaders took part in the Pilgrimage which featured demonstrations by Colonial Army units. Our Troop Band and historical flags led Continental District throughout the day. 
March 12 - 14:  42 Scouts and 7 Leaders camped at the Scout cabin. Also on this weekend 41 Scouts and Leaders hiked the Uncas Trail.
April 9 - 11: The Pre-Camporee came next with  49 Scouts and 12 Leaders participating. Sharing the camping  experience this weekend was Red Hill Troop 170. The Flying Eagle Patrol, with Todd Jakoby as Patrol Leader, won the weekend competition.
May 14 - 16: found the Troop at the Pottstown Y.M.C.A. Day Camp for the annual District Camporee attended by 35 Scouts and 9 Leaders .
June 25-27:  42 Scouts and 1 Leader camped at the Scout cabin. Karl Winsch and Barry Shaiman attended the Area 5-A- Order of the Arrow conference held at Camp Hart June 11th-l3th. A1so in June Chris Sakautzki was at Camp Firestone for a weekend.
August 1-8: For the second straight year the Troop spent summer camp at Camp Horseshoe in Rising Sun Maryland attended by 50 Scouts and 8 Leaders. The Troop Band played at evening retreat again this year. Evan Slotter won the Silver Buckle Award while the Rookie of the Year Award was shared by Brian Slotter and Darrell Guldin. Mike Hofke and Terry Bieler wer tapped out for the Order of The Arrow. This summer found Fred Hofke taking his Woodbadge at Camp Delmont, while Stefan Hofke attended Junior leader Development Course the same week. Mike Hofke took his Ordeal at Camp Hart and was inducted into the Order of the Arrow.
August 27- 9: the 18th annual Father and Son camping trip to Camp Roosevelt in Southern New Jersey was attended by 40 Scouts, 34 Adults & 2 non-Scouts.
Sept. 10-2: Family camping at Camp Rockwood. There were 37 Scouts and 14 Leaders present.
Oct. 8-10:  42 Scouts and 7 Leaders spent a rainy weekend at the Scout cabin.
Oct. 30-31:  11 Scouts and 5 Leaders hiked the Durham Trail, the last of 5 segments that make up the Minsi trails. Five members of the Troop have now hiked all 5 segments. Following the hike that evening, was the annual Halloween Party at the Scout cabin with the Pennsburg Girl Scouts. 39 Scouts and 7 Leaders camped at the cabin following the party.
Dec. 26-30: The annual Christmas camping at the Scout cabin was attended by 35 Scouts and 6 Leaders. The week featured a trip to Allentown, a Christmas party, and winning the District Swim meet at the Hill School. Steve Riffert won the pancake flipping contest for the 2nd, straight year and Ronnie Malasky was crowned Miss Troop 108. 
1976 Advancement Report
There were five Board of Reviews were held in the past year.
A total of  94 Merit Badges passed.
Tenderfoot: Jeff Procak, Dale Smith, Dave Kuhn, Dave Riffert, Mike Scholl, Glen Weisel, Travis Gery, Brian Slotter, Kyle Hagenbuch, 
Jay Jakoby, Darrell Guldin.
Second Class: Shawn Long, Stefan Hofke, T. J. Bieler.
First Class: Ed Jakoby, Todd Jakoby, Eric Slotter, Chris Sakautski.
Star: Mike Fiorito, Dave Mauer.
Life: Mark Kern, Evan Slotter.
Eagle: Randy Sowers, Barry Shaiman, Dave Baver.
Eagle Bronze Plam: Darryl Johnson.  
17 Scouts and 3 leaders participated in al1 of the Troop' s 29 nights of camping  
40 Scouts and Leader's had 20 or more nights of camping.
                                                        Top Troop campers were:  
Stefan Hofke - 35nights
Kar:l Winsch - 34 nights
Mike Hofke - 33 nights..
                                                              CAMPING STREAKS Top Twenty
1. Rick Moll – 247
2. Mike Hofke – 198
3. Karl Winsch - 188
4. Scott Treffinqer - 172
5. Jim Kuhn -156
6. Steve Riffert - 150
7. Darryl  Johnson - 145
8. Randy Sowers - 141
9. Dave Mauer - 132
10. Floyd. Treffinger - 111
11. Evan Slotter  - 110
12. Eric Slotter - 79
13. Ed .Jakoby - 19
14. Stefan Hofke - 60
15. Greg Caciolo - 56
16. Mike Slotter - 54
17. Jay Jakoby - 41
18. Dean Shuler - 46
19. Ba,rry Shaiman - 31
20. Brian Slotteter - 29
Submitted by: Karl "Moose” Winsch, Scoutmaster
1977 From the Troop Committee
Another year has passed, the 54rd for our Troop, and we can look back at a year of accomplishments. With the help of some of our supporters we were able to get the Deed to 1.94 acres of land across the road from our cabin.
It will be put to good use by the boys for camping and the preservation of nature. The trails from the cabin to the Adirondacks have been laid out and covered with fine gravel.
The Scouting Program of 1977 was again excellent for the Troop, and the boys and the Leaders who participated had a good time. The Troop committee would like to Thank the Scoutmaster and his Assistants for a job well done.
The average attendance at our Troop Committee meetings in 1977 was 16 men. I would like to invite the Fathers of our newer Scouts to come to one of our meetings and help us to make the Scouting program for our Troop even better.
People and places of business have supported us generously in the past 12 months, and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. The Troop committee would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all supporters, without their help we would not be able to give the Boys of Troop108 a good year of Scouting. I would personally like to Thank the Leaders, Officers, and the Men of the committee for their service to the boys.
Submitted By: Fred Hofke, Troop & Post Committee Chairman.
1977 Camping & Hiking Report
Feb. 25-27:  Annual Valley Forge Encampment Pi1grimage, 17 Senior Scouts & 7 Leaders camped in tents while an additional 17 Scouts and 5 Leaders took part in the Pilgrimage. The Valley Forge Trail was hiked Saturday afternoon by 20 Scouts & adults attending. The trail consists of 10 miles of compass readings taking in most important points of the Park.
Mar. 25-27: 38 Scouts & 8 Leaders camped at the Scout Cabin. Saturday the Troop journeyed to Daniel Boone Homestead to take part. in the District's Annual Klondike Derby & First Aid Meet. This year the two events were combined due to a postponement of the Jan. Klondike Derby. The Cobra Patrol with Brian Slotter as Patrol Leader came in second for the days competition.
April 15 -11: The Annual Pre-Camporee was held on the Scout land with 41 Scouts & 12 Leaders participating. Sharing the weekend of fun was Red Hill Troop 170 and a North Wales Troop. For the second straight year the Flying Eagle Patrol, again with Todd Jakoby as Patrol Leader, won the plaque.
April 22 - 24: 12 Scouts under the Leadership of Fred Hofke & Floyd Treffinger took part in Troop Leadership Development Camp at Camp Delmont. 
May 12 - 15: In place of the District Camporee,Council put on the “Wonderful World of Scouting”  held at Sun Center in Chester. 33 Scouts & 6 Leaders took part. The Troop Band was featured on stage. Cobra Patrol was awarded 2nd place for, district in weekend competition.
June 17 - 19: Cabin camping with the hiking of Washington Crossing Trail on the l8th, 27 Scouts & 7 Leaders camped while a total of 18 persons made the 8 mile historical hike.
June, Evan Slotter participated in the Firestone Awards Camp. The Order of the Arrow Section S-A Conclave held at Camp Ockinickon attended by Karl Winsch. Mark Kern attended Philmont for 12 days. Also the month of .June saw Jeff Guldin, Randy Spwers an Steve Riffert along with Leader Terry Bieler take there Ordeal for induction into the Order of the Arrow.
July: There was no Troop camping. Evan Slotter and T. J. Bieler attended a week of Troop Leader Development Camp at Camp Delmont. Also Evan Slotters  0. A. induction was held at Resica Falls.
July 31 - Aug.7: Third Annual summer camping by the Troop at Camp Horseshoe in Rising Sun, Maryland. 40 Scouts along with 9 Leaders spent a joyous week of camp. Some of the week's highlights were Mark Kern's winning the Silver Buckle Award while Ray Carr and Bob Buckingham were noted for the "Rookie of the Year" Awards. Dave Scholl was tapped out by the 0. A.
Several adults & Scouts became charter members of the Polar Bear Club. Monday's highlight was Boomtown -Wednesday the "Gong Show" won by the Troop -Thursday was Topsy Turvy Day - Friday was Mile Swim & Horseshoe Open Golf Classic- Saturday was Paul Bunyan Field Day- Saturday evening the Award Campfire.
August 26 - 28: 19th Annual Father & Son Trip.
This year's trip found 33 Scouts & 32 adults camping at Camp NO-BE-BO-SCO in northern New Jersey.
Sept. 9 - 11: Annual Roundup Camping at Camp Rockwood. 36 Scouts & 8 Leaders were in attendance. The following weekend Karl Winsch & Darryl Johnson attended the 0. A.. weekend at Camp Delmont where Darryl was, inducted into the Order.
Oct. 21 - 23: Cabin camping with 33 Scouts & 7 Leaders. On the 22nd the Jockey Hollow Trail was hiked by 21 Scouts & Leader’s. This is a 11 mile trail in Morristown, New Jersey.
Oct. 28 - 29: Annual Halloween Party at Scout Cabin with the East Greenville Cadet Troop 545 attending. 32 Scouts & 6 Leaders camped. Also in the month of Oct. Dave Scholl & Karl Winsch journeyed to Resica Falls for an 0. A. weekend where Dave was inducted.
Nov. 19 - 20: French Creek State Park for a one night of district tent camping. A 24  hour competition by patrols. No winners from the Troop this year, 27 Scouts & 6 Leaders attended.
Dec. 27-30: Annual Troop Christmas Campout at the Scout cabin, 28 Scouts & 6 Leaders braved a cold three nights & days of camping. Highlights were a Pancake Flipping Contest won by Kyle Hagenbuch. Attending the district swim meet which was again won by the Troop. A treasure hunt won by the Hawk Patrol. The annual Miss Troop108 Beauty Contest was won by Danny Hyra.  
1977 Troop Advancement Report
10 Board of Reviews were held in the past year.
115 Merit Badges passed, 64 at summer camp.
Tenderfoot: Ronnie Malasky, Danny Myra, Ray Carr, Jeff Schwab, Bob Buckingham, Steve Oberholtzer and Jim Ambrose
Second Class: Jim Ash, Brian Slotter, Dave Riffert, Dale Smith, Mike Scholl, Jay Jakoby, Bill Emswiler, Kyle Hagenbuch, Darrell Guldin, 
Glen Weisel, Ray Carr, Ron Mal asky and Bob Buckingham
First Class: Shawn Long, T. J. Biel er , Stefan Hofke, Brian Slotter, Dave Riffert and Mike Scholl
Star: Randy Ash, Eric Slotter, Chris Sakautski , Ed Jakoby and Brian Slotter
Life:  James Kuhn, Dave Mauer
Eagle: Steve Riffert, Scott Treffinger and Mike Hofke
Also T. J. Bieler was awarded the Ner Tamid Church Award and Mark Kern the Pro Deo et Patria Church Award.
Mike Hofke became the 3lst Eagle of the troop and 19th for Scoutmaster Karl Winsch.
Submitted By: Bob Kern, Board of Review Chairman  
1977 Troop Camping Statistics
15 Scouts and 3 Leaders were on all the Troops campouts.
Top Troop campers for the year were:
Karl Winsch -39 nights
Evan Slotter -37 nights
T. J. Bieler- 33 nights
Mark Kern 32 nights
Darryl Johnson
Randy Sowers had 30 nights
31 Scouts & Leaders had 20 or more nights of camping.
It might also be noted that Rick Moll's camping streak came to an end at 257, longest in the Troops history.
                                                     Camping Streak Top Twenty  
1.      Karl Winsch 227
2.      Jim Kuhn - 184
3.      Darryl Johnson 175
4.      Randy Sowers 171
5.      Dave Mauer 160
6.      Evan Slotter 147
7.      Eric Slotter 105
8.      Stefan Hofke - 87
9.      Mike Slotter 80
10.  Brian Slotter – 55
11.  Darrell Guldin - 48
12.  Glen Weisel - 47
13.  J. Bieler - 33
14.  Mike Schol1 - 31
15.  Kyle Hagenbuch - 30
16.  Ron Rodenberger - 29
17.  Dave Riffert - 26
18.  Steve Oberholtzer -26
19.  Ronnie Malasky - 18
20.  Jim Burhart - 7
21.  Travis Gery- 7
22.  Terry Bieler - 7
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From the Troop Committee
In looking back on 1978, the Committee has made some good accomplishments for the betterment of the Troop. We added almost 2 acres of woodland to our Troop property. The new land is located directly across the road from the cabin and will give the Troop additional camping area, as well as help preserve nature in our Valley. To update their knowledge in Leadership and Scouting skills five of our leaders participated in the cornerstone training sessions and completed the course. They were Scoutmaster Karl Winsch, Ron Rodenberger, Terry Lieler, Earl Riffert and Michael Hofke. Scoutmaster Karl Winsch and Earl Riffert also completed their Woodbadge training and are now working on the requirements to receive the Woodbadge Beads. After 2 slow years the Troop had a good year with our Christmas Tree sale and Candy sale, but it took a lot of effort on behalf of Scouts, Leaders, Explorers and Committeeman to be successful. Attendance at our monthly Committee Meetings in 1978 was an average of 17 men. We would like to thank all of our supporters for their help throughout the year, because without this support we could not give the Boys of Troop 108 a good Scouting Program.
My personal thanks goes to all the Leaders, Officers and Committeemen for their time and effort throughout the year.
              Submitted By: Fred Hofke ,Troop and Post Committee Chairman 
1978 Camping and Hiking Report
Jan. 27-29: Annual Klondike Derby held at Camp De1mont. 27 Scouts and 6 Leaders braved the snow and cold that prevailed that weekend. High temperatures for the day never went above 22 degrees. This also brought to an end the camping streak of Randy Sowers at 172 nights.
Feb. 24-26: Valley Forge Pilgrimage and Encampment. 21 Scouts and 6 Leaders went to Valley Forge for the annual Pilgrimage. The encampment was postponed, so we held it at our Scout cabin. 17 Senior Scouts and 6 Leaders camped. Our Scout Band performed at Valley Forge.
Mar. 10-12: Camping at the Scout Cabin. 30 Scouts & 5 Leaders. Karl Winsch ended his camping streak at 232.
Apr.21-23- Pre-Camporee at Scout Cabin land, 4 Scouts and 9 Leaders. Sharing in the weekend was Souderton Troop 401 and Lansdale Troop 148 along with the two Philmont Crews. The co-ed crew under the leadership of Bubi, & Betty Treffinger and the other with Ron Rodenberger as crew advisor consisted of a group of boys from the Broomall area. The Flying Eagle Patrol under the leadership of Stefan Hofke won the Pre-Camporee Award. This is the third straight year for this patrol, winning the award. Also in April, 5 adults took training at Camp Delmont, They were Karl Winsch, and Mike Hofke. Fred Hofke also held a Jr. Leader Development Course in the spring that involved four Scouts from the Troop. 
May 19-21: A Camporee was held at Manatawny Park in Pottstown. 32 Scouts and 8 Leaders. This years Camporee was a show type affair.
June 23-25: Cabin and hiking the General Hash Trail. 30 Scouts and 4 Leaders camped. 19 Scouts and 3 Leaders hiked the 8 1/2 mile trail located near Mainland, Pa. Also this weekend 7 Scouts and two Leaders went to Philmont for 14 days and nights. Another event was the Area 5-A Order of the Arrow Conclave held at Camp Trexler. Karl Winsch and Darryl Johnson attended.
 July 30 - Aug. 6: Camp Horseshoe. This was the fourth year at summer camp near Rising Sun, Md. 36 Scouts and 11 Leaders. Troop highlights were Rookie of the Year award to Eddie George. Silver: Buckle Award to Stefan Hofke.  Bob Kern, Stefan Hofke, Eric Slotter and T. J. Bieler were tapped out by the Order of' the Arrow. Polar Bear swim each morning, to lost airplane hunt, Hawaiian Luau, soccer game with the visiting English Troop, Diving Della. Anything Goes Night and swim meet filled the week with excitement. Another highlight was Jim Kuhn earning his 200 straight nights Camping award. Brian Slotter received an award in personal fitness. The Troop earned a record of 60 merit badges.
August 25-27: The l0th Annual Father & Son Trip to Camp Crumhorn Mountain Scout Camp near Oneonta, N. Y. This trip included a bus trip to Baseball Hall of' Fame. 35 Scouts and 42 Leaders, fathers and non scouts. This marked Ernie Godshall's 20th trip and he received a Plaque. This also ended Jim kuhn's Camping streak at 205.
Sept.8-l0: Annual Round-up at Camp Rockwood. 32 Scouts and 10 Leaders. Sat. evening camp fire Darryl Johnson received his 200 straight nights camping trophy. Also in Sept., Karl Winsch and Earl Riffert attended Woodbadge on separate weekends.
Oct. 5-7: Order of the Arrow weekend at Resica Falls. Inducted were T. J. Bieler, Stefan Hofke, Eric Slotter and Bob Kern, Brotherhood was attained by Mark Kern, Mike Slotter, 0. B. Fitzgerald, Darryl Johnson and Terry Bieler. Karl Winsch also attended.
Oct. 13-15: Cabin and hiking Carlisle Trail. 32 Scouts camped along with 6 Leaders, while 14 Scouts and 4 Leaders hiked the 10 mile Carlisle Historical Trail in Carlisle, Pa.
Oct. 21-22: Cabin for Annual Halloween Party. 30 Scouts and 2 Leaders spent the night.
Nov. 24-26: District Back-Pack-O-Ree camping at Warwick State Park and hiking 13 miles with full pack to French Creek Park. This campout brought back the basic Scouting to those 27 Scouts and 3 Leaders who participated in a clear but cold weekend of camping, cooking and hiking.
Dec. 28-31: Annual Troop Christmas Campout at the cabin. 27 Scouts and 4 Leaders Highlights were a Treasure Hunt won by the Cobra Patrol, Pancake Flipping Contest won by Mike Scholl and this years Miss Troop108 was Dave Conrad.
1978 Troop Advancement Report
6 Board of Reviews were held in the past year. 83 Merit Badges passed.
Tenderfoot: Todd Mayer, Jeff Ashman, Herb "Happy" Carter, Terry Feather, Ed George
Second Class: Jeff Schwab, Travis Gery, Dan Myra, Todd Mayer, Steve Oberholtzer ,
First Class: Dale Smith, Darrell Guldin, Kyle Magenbuch, Ronald Malasky, Jim Ash, Jim Burkhart, Ray Carr
Star: Dave Riffert, Jim Burhart, Ronald Malasky, Mike Scholl
Also Evan Slotter and Dave Mauer were awarded the Pro Deo et Patria Church Award.
1978 Troop Camping Statistics
11 scouts and 1 Leader were on all Troop campouts
Top campers for the year were Karl Winsch 45 nights, Darryl Johnson and Mark Kern 35 nights, Stefan Hofke 34 nights
34 Scouts and Leaders had 20 or more nights of camping
Camping Streaks – Top Twenty  
1.      Darryl Johnson…210
2.      Dave Mauer…191
3.      Evan Slotter…180
4.      Eric Slotter…138
5.       Stefan Hofke…121
6.       Brian Slotter 84
7.       T. J. Bieler…66
8.       Steve Oberholtzer…55
9.       Terry Bieler…40
10.   Karl Winsch…40
11.   Jim Burkhart…36
12.   Dave Conrad…32
13.   Todd Mayer…32
14.   Jeff Ashman…27
15.   Dave Dietrich…27
16.   Mike Scholl…27
17.   Happy Carter…25
18.   Ron Malasky…25
19.   Eddie George…21
20.   Jeff Marks…2l
                                                            TROOPS 200-CLUB  
1.      Rick Moll…257
2.      David Mack…239
3.      Karl Winsch…232
4.      Darryl Johnson…210
5.      Jeff Sell…208
6.      Jim Kuhn…205
7.      Mike Hofke…203
For the year 1978 we started out with 15 active Explorers and 3 active Advisors. The Post attended many events in 1978, starting with a camping trip to the Scout Cabin in January for three days.
In February, we took part in a District event, the Winter Carnival and attended the Valley Forge encampment.
In April, we helped the American Red Cross by being victims for a First Aid Meet, held at Ursinus College which is located in Collegeville, Pa.
We had three (3) events, in May. First the Post went on a hike to the Pinnacle of Hawk Mountain. This was followed by our “Super-Activity”, a rubber raft trip down the Lehigh river; 22 people from the Post attended. We then provided First-Aid services for the Continental District Camporee at Manatawny Park.
In July, we had a tour of Mack Truck plant located in Macungie, Pa.
In August, we went with the Troop to Cooperstown, New York on the annual Father and Son trip.
In  October, we went to the Scout cabin for a weekend.
For the year 1978, this brings the total nights camping to eighteen (18). Next year, (1979), we have another raft trip planned and many other events.
Submitted By: Carl Simmons, Explorer Post Advisor.
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1979 From the Troop Committee
1979, the Troops 55th year of Scouting, has been another good year for the Troop. All the boys and leaders who participated in the campouts and events had a good time.
The Troop committee would like to thank the Scoutmaster and his assistants for their time and for a job well done.
The average attendance at our Troop committee meetings in 1979 was 15 men. I would like to invite the fathers of our newer Scouts to attend some of our meetings, to help us make the Troops Scouting program even better.
The men of the Troop and post committee would like to extend their appreciation to all supporters of Troop108 and Post 2108. Without their help we would not be able to give the boys a good program. I would personally like to Thank the Leaders, Officers, and the men of the committee for their time and effort throughout the year.
Submitted By: Troop and Post Committee Chairman, Fred Hofke
1979 Camping & Hiking Report
Jan. 26-28: The first camping trip of the year saw the Troop going to Camp Delmont for the annual Klondike Derby. 30 Scouts and 5 Leaders camped in tents next to mostly ice covered Unami Lake.
Feb. 23 - 25: 30 Scouts and 6 Leaders camped at the Scout cabin. 25 Scouts and 5 Leaders made the trip to Valley Forge for the Annual Pilgrimage. The program featured a look at life in Revolutionary War days. Troop 108 Band once again participated in the program.
March 23 - 25: 30 Scouts and 5 Leaders camped at the Scout cabin, due to rain the hiking of the Philadelphia Bi-Centennial Trail was washed out. Fred Hofke and 7 Scouts did make the hike in a steady rain.
April 27 - 29: Annual Pre-Camporee -36 Scouts and 8 Leaders participated in tent camping on the Scout cabin grounds. This is usually the best attended event of the year with the exception of summer camp. This year Red HilI Troop 170, Souderton Troop 401, and Lansdale Troop 148 joined 108 for the weekend activities. The Cobra Patrol. with Ron Malasky as Patrol Leader was the winner of the weekend competition.
May 18 - 20: The Annual District Camporee was held "Drunten Im Tall' at New Goshenhoppen Park. Troop 108 acted as hosts for this year's event with Paul Carter serving as Campmaster. 30 Scouts and 8 Leaders attended. The enthusiasm and spirit of all of the Scouts who attended did not seem to be dampened by the almost continuous rain. Ten field type events brought out the best in patrol competition. The Cobra Patrol under Patrol Leader Ron Malasky placed 3rd in the events. The Apache patrol earned a participation ribbon, while the Cobra and Hawk Patrols earned standard award ribbons. This weekend was also the end of the Inter-Patrol Contest. The competition which began in September was won by the Cobra Patrol.
July 29 to Aug. 5: Summer Camp, at last!  Once again on the Mason.-Dixon Line at Camp Horseshoe with 34 Scouts and 8 Leaders in attendance. Events this year included “Herman the Flea”, the $1.98 Beauty Contest, Boom Town Carnival, and of course polar Bear Swim. The Troop finished second overall in the Paul Bunyan Field Day, which included a big win in the Tug-of-War. Christian O 'Neil was Rookie of the Year and Jim Burkhart received the Silver Buckle Award. Dave Mauer, Jim Burkhart and Terry Mayer were tapped out for Order of the Arrow. Ron Malasky, Todd Mayer, Jeff Ashman, T J. Bieler, Steve Oberholtzer, Happy Carter and Jim Burkhart' spent an extra week at camp as guests of Red Hill Troop, Karl Winsch also spent the extra week at camp working on staff.
Aug. 17-19: The 21st Annual Father and Son Trip took us to Brookville Scout Reservation at Barnegat, N. J. 24 Scouts, 27 adults and 2 non-scouts were in attendance. In spite of unusually cool weather most of the group enjoyed a dip in the ocean. The annual father-son soccer game ended in a 1-1 tie.
200 night camping awards went to Evan Slotter and Dave Mauer while Eric Slotter' received the 150 nights award. Karl Winsch was recognized for his 20th Father and Son trip.
Sept. 7 - 9: Camp Rockwood and the beginning of another Inter-Patrol Contest. Due to a decline in the number of Scouts the Flying Eagle Patrol was disbanded. 32 Scouts and 11 adults took part in a weekend of fun and advancement.
Oct. 13-14: 29 Scouts and 7 Leaders attended a one night trip to the Scout cabin. Saturday was devoted to demonstrations, and training. Everyone hiked from the Scout Hall to the Scout cabin on Saturday morning and back again on Sunday.
Nov. 3 - 4: The annual Halloween Party -34 Scouts and 3 Leaders took part in the activities.
Nov. 23 - 25: The District Fall Camporee was held at Daniel Boone Homestead. 30 Scouts and 3 Leaders attended. There was a10 mile hike which included a scavenger hunt and a clean-up of the roads and trails.
Dec. 26-30: 32 Scouts and 3 Leaders were on hand for the annual Christmas campout at the Scout cabin. The treasure hunt was won by the Cobra Patro1. The pancake flipping contest was won by Ray Carr and Jeff "Ground Hog" Marks was crowned Miss 108.
Other Activities: Jim Burkhart and Travis Gery spent a week at Resica Falls in June for a training session.
Karl Winsch and Mike Hofke attended the Area 5-A Order of the Arrow conclave June 8-10.
Dave Mauer, Jim Burknart and Terry Mayer took their Order of the Arrow ordeal at Camp Delmont Sept. 14-16, while Paul Carter attained Brotherhood. Also in attendance were Maurice Fitzgerald and Karl Winsch.
17 Scouts and 2 Leaders attended all Troop camping activities. Top campers for the year were Karl Winsch 50 nights, Jim Burkhart 45 nights, and 5 Scouts had 36 nights. 31 Scouts and Leaders had 20 or more nights of camping.
1979 Advancement Report
During the year there were 10 board of reviews held to review boys advancing to the rank of Star, Life and Eagle.
The advancements £or the year are:
Tenderfoot: Jeff Marks, David "Moon Dog" Dietrich, Steve Johnson, Franny Wood, Mark Benner & Matt Carr.
Second Class: Jeff Ashman, David Kuhn, Happy Carter, Ed George & David Dietrich.
First Class: Jeff Ashman, Todd Mayer & Ed George.
Star: Stephan Hofke, Travis Gery, and T.J. Bieler & Ray Carr.
Life: Jim Burkhart, Stephan Hofke & Ronald Malasky.
Eagle: David Mauer, Evan Slotter & Mark Kern.
Eagle Bronze Palm: Evan Slotter
This is the first palm awarded in three years. A palm is awarded to an Eagle Scout having earned an additional 5 merit badges.
A total of 138 merit badges were earned this year compared to 83 last years. This is the most merit badge’s since 1975.
Jim Burkhart led the boys with 14, which was the most in one year since Darryl Johnson had 14 in 1973. T. J. Bieler had 11 this year.
Again our boys have moved along the many Scouting trails leading to advancement and a fuller life as a Boy Scout.
Keep up the good work.
On behalf of the boys and myself a Thank You to these men who assisted me in holding boards of review this year. Richard Conrad, Michael Hofke, Ronald Marks & Dave Scholl
Submitted By: Richard Guldin, Board of Review Chairman
Camping Streaks - Top Twenty
1.    Darryl Johnson........239
2.    David Mauer...........222
3.    Evan Slotter.............211
4.    Eric Slotter........…..167
5.    Stefan Hofke...…....150
6.    Brian Slotter......…..113
7.   T. J. Beiler.......……102
8.    Steve Oberholtzer…..91
9.    Karl Winsch........ …..90
10.  Jim Burkhart........….. 81
11.  Terry Bieler................71
12.  Todd Mayer.......……68
13.  Jeff' Ashman.......……63
14.  Ron Malasky........…..61
15.  Happy Carter.......…..60
16. Dave Dietrich..............56
16.  Mike Scholl................56
18.  Jeff Marks..................50
19.  Steve Johnson.............48
20.  Ed George............…..27
Troop 200 Club
           * Still going  
            1. Rick Moll............ …..257
              2. Darryl Johnson......….239 *
            2. David Mack........….. 239
            4. Karl Winsch.........…..232
             5. David Mauer.....……222 *
              6. Evan Slotter..........….211 *
            7. Jeff' Sel1....................208
            8. Jim Kuhn...............…205
            9. MikeHofke............…203
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