Camping Checklist for Weekend Camping

q       Class "A" uniformScout Dress Shirt, Scout Pants/Shorts, Scout Socks, Scout Belt with buckle, Troop Neckerchief with slide, hiking boots (No Sneakers  ) to travel in (it is a good idea to wear a Troop T-shirt or class "B" shirt under class "A" shirt. This will keep the class "A" shirt fresh and make it easy to change to class "B" uniform when we arrive.)
q       Scouting Hand Book
q       Shoes - comfortable hiking boots,
q        Shoes - extra pair (optional)
q       No Sneakers
q       Socks - at least one class "A" and two other pair
q       Pants - To wear when it is cold or buggy.
q       Shorts - in case it is warm.
q       Hat, Scout or a plain baseball cap or a sock cap
q       Underwear - 2 extra
q       Shirt - 2 extra class "B"
q       Jacket or sweat shirt
q       Gloves (optional with weather & work)
q       Raingear
q       Matches wrapped in plastic
q       Knife (must have "Totin' Chit" to use).
q       Insect repellant (depending on the season)
q       Flashlight with fresh extra batteries
q       Camera one-time use Disposable (optional)
q       Toilet kit toothpaste and brush, soap, wash cloth, small towel, deodorant (a must)  
q  No electronic devices or Cell Phones
q       Toilet paper - fair amount without spool wrapped in plastic
q       Water bottle or canteen
q       Comb (optional)
q       Glasses, sun and reading if needed
q       Note paper and pencil
q       Wallet, ID & money (if required)
q       Sun lotion (depending on the season)
q       Sleeping bag Summer/Winter
q       Small pillow or extra clothes in pillow case for pillow
q       Eating utensils
q       Mess kit or plate and bowl
q       Small amount of dish soap
q       Salt, pepper, sugar (optional)
q       50' of small rope (optional)
q       Stool or small chair (optional)
q       Compass (optional)
q       Day pack (optional)
q       First aid kit - band aids, gauze, tape, moleskin, antiseptic, duck tape
q       Cup
q       Plastic trash bag - 2
q       Large zip lock - 2
q       Whistle (optional)
q       Medications if required (inform Scoutmaster)
Note: Dress/pack for the season, weather and activity


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