Silver Buckle Award

This award began in 1975 when the troop spent their first summer camp at Camp Horseshoe. The award is presented to the scout who has demonstrated his living by the Scout Law throughout the year, his willingness to help others and to be a mentor to new and younger scouts. Only youth troop members are eligible to vote in this award process.

1975 Scott Treffinger

1976 Evan Slotter

1977 Mark Kern

1978 Stefan Hofke

1979 Jim Burkhart

1980 Ron Malasky

1981 Ray Carr

1982 T .J. Bieler

1983 Todd Mayer

1984 Chris O'Neil

1985 Dave Burkhart

1986 Jarrod Nyce

1987 Chris Black

1988 Ernie Scardecchio

1989 Brian Miller

1990 Dave Hess

1991 Jon Black

1992 Mike Coe

1993 Greg Kratz

1994 Ben Coe

1995 Nate Reigner

1996 Ross Flaharty

1997 Terry Stahl

1998 Matt Tomlin

1999 Jason Mack

2000 Jesse White

2001 Nate Harpel

2002 Troy Walter

 2003 Ryan Wright 

2004 Wes Harpel 

2005 Matt Cleaver

2006 Cody Belmont

2007 Preston Clyde

2008 No Silver Buckle Award due to camping at Treasure Island BSA Camp

2008 Silver Turtle Award, Paul Frey

2009 Cody Mauer

2010 Conrad Detweiler

2011 Doug McGraft

2012 Robbie Jenkins

2013 Lucas Snyder

2014 Chase Skavinsky

2015 Justin Weber

2016 Landon  Detwieler


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